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Pocket-lint Sustainability Initiative - supported by Resideo, the new home for Honeywell Home Products

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Technology has the ability to solve climate problems, but also create them with more and more of us keen to upgrade to the latest phone or new device.

As the world has shrunk - and our global remit expanded - at Pocket-lint we wanted to work towards mitigating the impact we have as a business on the planet.

We've already done a lot to reduce our carbon footprint. The team all work from home and by not having a centralised office we've reduced things like the commute and the impact an office has on the environment.

However, new tech launches and stories don't always happen in our local communities. And because we have to travel to cover the stories as they happen around the globe, we wanted to offset that burden on the planet by planting new additional trees.

With support from Resideo, the new home for Honeywell Home Products, who are our sustainability partner for 2020, we've begun our sustainability journey.  

We've planted 2,070 trees

We've invested double what we need to counter our estimated carbon usage for 2020 planting, with the help of Forest Carbon, around 2,070 trees in Lowther, Cumbria as part of the Woodland Carbon Code.

That equates to around 578 tonnes of carbon mitigation, or roughly the same amount of carbon Pocket-lint is expected to use between now and 2024. and this is just the start.

"It's great that Pocket-lint have joined the ever growing list of businesses wanting to compensate for their footprint with UK woodland creation - something that not only offsets carbon but also provides a host of other benefits to the country. I've been an occasional user of Pocket-lint reviews over the years so I particularly like that we can help them with their carbon mitigation," explains Stephen Prior, Director, Forest Carbon Ltd.

If you're interested in reading and finding out more about our sustainability approach or ways in which you or your business can work towards reducing your carbon impact on the planet we've published a number of helpful guides, features, and interviews and will continue to do so going forward.

It's not just big or small businesses alike that can make a difference. Everyone can do something, for instance new technology in and around the home, such as smart thermostats, can help make a massive saving on energy consumption.

According to research over 82 per cent of the home's energy in the UK goes towards heating and having even the basic of smart thermostats can save 23 per cent on that. That's a huge difference. 

We want to work on finding ways we can all make an impact today, rather than simply putting it off until tomorrow.

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Want to know more?

As we publish more and more articles, interviews, features, and guides on the subject, we'll be listing them below to act as a sustainability hub going forward: 

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