Reviews Policy

Pocket-lint's goal is to be unbiased, trusted, and respected. We are an independent publisher founded in 2003 and have reviewed thousands of products in that time. Our review programme is simple but effective: reviewing products in real-world environments, just how you would use them, rather than in a lab, benchmarking.

Our review process starts when we first see a device at a launch event or trade show, flows to a full review in the office or field, and then moves on to constant refinements and updates over the life of the product where appropriate.

All our reviews are written by experts in their field.

Our promise to you

  • We do not take payment for product reviews. We never have and we never will. 
  • We select products for review based on our belief of covering the tech that matters. 
  • Our reviews are written either by our in-house team or expert freelance journalists in their field. 
  • Our reviews always cover the good and the bad points (pros and cons) of any product, helping you decide if it’s the right product for you based on the information we present.
  • We will alway point out when something doesn't work.
  • Our reviews are balanced. We understand that some products aren't for everyone. 
  • If you think we could do better or aren't delivering what you expect then let us know – either in the comments, or via the feedback form – and we'll work towards putting it right. 

Many sites deal with their review process in different ways. In the pursuit of clarity, here’s how our review content is handled at Pocket-lint, including title naming convention, why content is updated, and how historical content fits into the site. 

Review types

Initial review

Our journalists' hands-on first impressions of a product; we've seen the device, touched it, spent enough time with it to present useful critique and comment. These initial impressions aren't always based on final review hardware, but still paint a fair preview of what to expect from the finished article.


An in-depth critique of a product; we've lived with the device, used it extensively over a number of hours, days, weeks, even months. We’re pragmatic in our review process: our experienced journalists don’t present boring benchmarks with no real-world bearing; instead we delve into the real to-live-with experience, with considered and contextual information based on actual use.


In the ever-moving world of tech, product software updates are becoming an increasingly important aspect. The hardware you buy on day one might be bettered via firmware and new features later in its life. To reflect this, we update reviews, adding additional information, critique and context. Note, however, we do not degrade original scores (these remain in place, with a "first published" date showing at the base of the verdict for clarity). 

How we score our reviews

Products are scored out of five stars maximum, based on our expert opinion of how well a product performs and fits into the current market. Best-of-best 'Editor's Choice' badge is awarded to full-marks product; the 'Recommended' badge is four-and-a-half stars; four stars or less are presented without a badge. 

When scoring products we look at a number of factors including design, features, usability, performance, value, and most importantly if it does what is says it sets out to do. 

In pictures

Occasionally we run stories on products we’ve seen, but which do not fit into our reviews remit. Be it a car unveiling, a designer version of a new phone, or similar, such pieces are presented with a small amount of copy, letting the pictures do the talking. 

Old terms no longer used

Hands-on / Pictures and hands-on

Some of our older content may still be presented as "hands-on" or "pictures and hands-on". These articles are more akin to the In pictures approach above. we've moved away from using these as we've strived to constantly produce and create better content as we move forward.

In summary

To supplement our reviews, Pocket-lint also provides news and feature content. Whether deep-dive software overviews, how-to tips and tricks, best-of guides, or versus pieces, there’s a breadth of content on the site to inform you in the most appropriate, clear and honest way possible.