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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 review: PESses all over FIFA
4.5 stars Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 review: PESses all over FIFA By Steve Hill

To the casual observer, the pending release of a new PES game is greeted in similar fashion to hearing the news that a band you liked in the 90s is still Read more

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 review: Hits the ground running
4.0 stars Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 review: Hits the ground running By Steve Hill

The war was won by FIFA many years ago, but like an oblivious Japanese soldier, Pro Evolution Soccer - better known by its PES moniker - continues to lurk Read more

Thief review
3.5 stars Thief review By Steve Hill

Thief in 2014 reboots a much loved gaming franchise that was born over 15 years ago. It’s been ten long years since the last title in the series, and Read more

Rayman Legends review
4.0 stars Rayman Legends review By Steve Hill

Too weird. Too retro. Too French? Whatever the criticisms aimed at the Rayman series over the years, they were swatted aside by 2011’s excellent Rayman Read more

Battlefield 4 review
4.0 stars Battlefield 4 review By Steve Hill

Like the annual FIFA and PES footie games war, it’s now the turn of first person shooters to fight it out, headed up by Battlefield 4. The annual atrocity Read more

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 review
3.5 stars Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 review By Steve Hill

After years in FIFA's shadow, last season's Pro Evolution Soccer, the title better known as PES, was something of a return to form, at least critically Read more

Puppeteer review
3.0 stars Puppeteer review By Steve Hill

The 2D platform renaissance continues apace with Sony Japan's Puppeteer - a Playstation 3 exclusive - following hot on the fast-moving heels of Rayman Read more

Hitman Absolution
4.0 stars Hitman Absolution By Steve Hill

“How many lives will you take to save one?” asks the back of the box. “Absolutely loads,” replies Pocket-lint. Hundreds, possibly thousands, of Read more

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013
4.5 stars Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 By Steve Hill

Such has been the dominance of the FIFA behemoth in recent years, there is probably a whole generation of gamers that doesn’t even remember when PES Read more

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
4.0 stars Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier By Steve Hill

A staple of gaming over the years, war, whether past, present or future, has provided countless hours of gleeful entertainment for hordes of improbable Read more

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13
3.0 stars Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 By Steve Hill

Having practically been airbrushed out of his own game last year – which nevertheless went on to achieve record sales – the disgraced/redeemed/washed-up Read more

Need for Speed: The Run
3.0 stars Need for Speed: The Run By Steve Hill

The Need for Speed series has been kicking around in various guises since the last millennium. Now pretty much an annual affair, coming up with original Read more

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword
4.0 stars The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword By Steve Hill

Remember the Nintendo Wii? The console that, for better or worse, pioneered motion control and had a nation of casual gamers flapping their arms about Read more

Saints Row: The Third
4.0 stars Saints Row: The Third By Steve Hill

There’s a TV advert doing the rounds at the moment that helpfully points out that Saints Row: The Third is available at Argos. As well as nudging you Read more

Assassin's Creed: Revelations
3.5 stars Assassin's Creed: Revelations By Steve Hill

The Assassin’s Creed games always look like they might be quite enjoyable, all backstabbing and historical intrigue, like a Dan Brown novel for the hard Read more

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
4.5 stars The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim By Steve Hill

How do you review a game that lasts for months? Ideally, on a generous day rate. In reality, a man on a motorbike brings it to your house, you put in it Read more

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
4.0 stars Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception By Steve Hill

There’s an action sequence in the first Uncharted game where everything suddenly clicks into place, and for a fleeting moment it feels like you’re Read more

Batman: Arkham City
4.5 stars Batman: Arkham City By Steve Hill

Apologies for the delay. Blame Batman. Blame Arkham. Blame a massive sprawling game that sucks you into its world and keeps you there for nights on end. Read more

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
4.0 stars Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 By Steve Hill

The nights are drawing in, tree-based debris litters the ground, and a man’s thoughts turn to one thing: anti-depressants. Alternatively, you could invest Read more

Forza Motorsport 4
4.0 stars Forza Motorsport 4 By Steve Hill

"I hate Top Gear, and I hate anyone that likes it." Comedian Stewart Lee may not be elbowing his way past the petrol-heads to pick up the latest iteration Read more

4.0 stars Rage By Steve Hill

It’s no exaggeration to say that legendary Dallas-based developer id Software was instrumental in the evolution of the modern day videogame. Pioneering Read more

Resistance 3
4.0 stars Resistance 3 By Steve Hill

While another high profile trilogy recently coming to an end on the Xbox 360, over on the PS3 the fight also reached a head against a similarly rampant Read more

Gears of War 3
4.0 stars Gears of War 3 By Steve Hill

One of the poster boys for Microsoft’s formerly new-fangled Xbox 360, the Gears of War trilogy reaches its conclusion in dramatic fashion with this third Read more

Dead Island
3.0 stars Dead Island By Steve Hill

With the best part of a million views on YouTube, the trailer for Dead Island has whipped zombie enthusiasts into a minor frenzy of expectation. That anticipation Read more

3.0 stars Bodycount By Steve Hill

A game called "Bodycount" was never going to be the subtlest of affairs. This proves to be the case from the outset as you’re tossed into the midst of Read more

Deus Ex: Human Revolution
4.0 stars Deus Ex: Human Revolution By Steve Hill

Released in space year 2000, the original Deus Ex is still revered by rheumy-eyed PC gamers as one of the greatest titles of all time. Arriving amidst Read more