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LG to launch TV mobile phones
LG to launch TV mobile phones By Ryan Haynes

LG are set to launch three television mobile phones making an aggressive move into the market. The SB630/KB6300/LB6300 Television Phones by the LG group, offer support for DMB-T standard for reception of wireless digital television transmissions. The... Read more

SlouchPod reaches the UK
SlouchPod reaches the UK By Ryan Haynes

The sort of chairs that are always in the American TV programmes, that look too cool for school. Well, they're here and coming from a homegrown store. Churchfield is exclusively launching the SlouchPod range of interactive multimedia chairs. They are... Read more

AG Neovo launch its V-10
AG Neovo launch its V-10 By Ryan Haynes

AG Neovo announced the launch of the V-10 digital photo frame. Although lacking any wireless connectivity and some of the latest features accompanying recent launches by other manufacturers. The V-10 digital photo frame does combine intellectual features... Read more

Sony Ericsson - is this the new phone?
Sony Ericsson - is this the new phone? By Ryan Haynes

We may have the first glimpse of the Sony Ericsoon P700i smartphone. Courtesy of a poster on the Esato forums we also know a few of the specs to expect. The phone is likely to be run on Symbian OS, with a 2.6-inch QVGA 240 x 320 display. The handset is... Read more

Online child abuse continues
Online child abuse continues By Ryan Haynes

It looks as though the Internet Watch Foundation has only just finished filtering through last year's web content. It has discovered an increase of 34% since 2005. In over 3000 websites were found more than 10,000 reported pages containing illegal child... Read more

LG Shines again with Bar phone
LG Shines again with Bar phone By Ryan Haynes

LG went over the ocean to Russia to introduce its new Shine phone. Much like the Shine slider phone, the new design keeps the model simple. The KE770 comes as a 9.9mm thick handset, slimmer than the regular Shine's 14mm waste. Otherwise the specs remain... Read more

Samsung F500 phone gets DivX certification
Samsung F500 phone gets DivX certification By Ryan Haynes

DivX fans will be able to rejoice in the knowledge that Samsung has announced the release of the first certified mobile phone for the format. Called the F500, the new handset will provide access to high quality DivX movies on the go, either from the user’s... Read more