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Samsung NX Mini review
4.0 stars Samsung NX Mini review By Nik Rawlinson

If there's one thing Samsung is known for, it's spotting a gap. Not only a gap in the market, but often also a gap in its own products. You only need to look at the range of screen and panel options in its phone and tablet line-ups to see this, with almost... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review
3.5 stars Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 review By Nik Rawlinson

The original Samsung Galaxy Camera was notable because, although it wasn't the first dedicated camera to use the Android operating system as its user interface, it was the first to integrate an up-to-date version of the operating system with great success.... Read more

HP Envy Rove 20 review
4.0 stars HP Envy Rove 20 review By Nik Rawlinson

If you haven't upgraded your PC in the last couple of years, then you're probably still wondering what Microsoft was thinking when it came up with the blocky Start screen in Windows 8. The answer: a computer just like the HP Envy Rove 20.Much like an... Read more

Samsung NX30 review
4.5 stars Samsung NX30 review By Nik Rawlinson

The Samsung NX30 is the latest edition to the company's steadily evolving line of compact system cameras, assuming top-dog position and unseating the visually comparable NX20.Its headline spec 20.3 megapixel APS-C sensor might sound eerily familiar -... Read more

Pentax K-3 review
4.5 stars Pentax K-3 review By Nik Rawlinson

It might be playing third-fiddle to Canon and Nikon, but Pentax - now part of Ricoh Imaging - is a venerable name in the field of photography. Its long history means that its DSLRs, like the now-top-spec K-3, can more than hold their own. The company... Read more

Sony Vaio Tap 11 review
4.0 stars Sony Vaio Tap 11 review By Nik Rawlinson

The Vaio Tap 11 is Sony’s answer to the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. It’s slim - less than 1cm from front to back, which Sony reckons makes it the "world’s thinnest Windows 8 tablet" - and equally at home propped up on the desk like a regular PC, or... Read more

Canon PowerShot G16 review
5.0 stars Canon PowerShot G16 review By Nik Rawlinson

There’s much to be said for sticking with something that works, but do it for too long and the item in question starts to look old. Take the Canon PowerShot G-series, here in its latest G16 form, as an example. The product line’s visual evolution... Read more

Kobo Arc 7HD review
4.5 stars Kobo Arc 7HD review By Nik Rawlinson

Most of the tablets sold on the high street come bundled with a SIM and subscription these days. Not so the Kobo Arc 7HD. Championed by WHSmith, it’s Wi-Fi only, runs on the Android operating system - as championed by many smartphones and tablets out... Read more

Nikon Coolpix L620 review
3.5 stars Nikon Coolpix L620 review By Nik Rawlinson

Too much control isn't always a good thing. Sometimes you want a camera that enables you to just pick it up and start shooting, and that's exactly what the Nikon Coolpix L620, with 14x optical zoom, is aimed. You just have to trust it and enjoy the ride.In... Read more

Fujifilm X-A1 review
4.0 stars Fujifilm X-A1 review By Nik Rawlinson

You don't need to spend a great deal to bag a decent camera these days, as Fujifilm proves with the X-A1 - the interchangeable lens camera that sits at the introductory end of its compact system camera lens line-up.Entry-level it may be, but it shares... Read more

Samsung Galaxy NX review
4.0 stars Samsung Galaxy NX review By Nik Rawlinson

At last, a company's broken ranks. We're big fans of compact system cameras, but other than upping the pixels and widening out the choice of lenses, few of the leading lights have done anything truly radical since the format first appeared back in 2008.Until... Read more

Canon PowerShot N
3.5 stars Canon PowerShot N By Nik Rawlinson

Bijou beauty or mediocre miniaturisation? In truth, there's a bit of both in the PowerShot N, Canon's truly compact compact. On the whole, though, this clever re-imagining of how cameras should look and perform puts the bias strongly towards the former.It's... Read more

Samsung NX300
4.5 stars Samsung NX300 By Nik Rawlinson

It's got the same sized sensor, the same resolution, and bears more than a passing similarity to its predecessors. So what's so great about the NX300?Plenty.The sensor is new for starters. The resolution's stuck at 20.3 megapixels (producing 5472 x 3648... Read more