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Amazon Kindle Fire
4.0 stars Amazon Kindle Fire By Mark Harris

Is it a jumped-up e-reader, a cut-price iPad or nothing more than a portable shop window for Amazon’s endless shelves? The Kindle Fire blunders into the tablet wars with something to annoy everyone: an LCD screen to irritate E Ink fans; a GPS-less,... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9
4.0 stars Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 By Mark Harris

It’s time to reboot the tablet. Right now, the same word applies to everything from 6-inch jumped-up ebook readers to hulking great 10-inch slabs of glass. Pocket-lint is drawing a line in the sand: everything 9-inches and up is a tablet, everything... Read more

Amazon Kindle (2011)
4.5 stars Amazon Kindle (2011) By Mark Harris

With all the fuss over the launch of the Kindle Fire tablet, it would have been easy to overlook the new Amazon product that Jeff Bezos expects to sell "many millions" - the cheapest Kindle ever, slightly confusingly also called the Kindle. (The Kindle... Read more

Motorola Droid Bionic
4.0 stars Motorola Droid Bionic By Mark Harris

It would be cool if the Droid Bionic followed the same storyline as Steve Austin’s cybernetic TV show. Motorola, a company barely alive. A Google voiceover saying we have the technology, we can rebuild it. Then a better, stronger, faster Android phone... Read more

4.0 stars HTC EVO 3D By Mark Harris

Now that you can pick up touchscreen smartphones for pocket money prices, premium mobiles have to find other ways to differentiate themselves. 3D is the perfect solution, adding a gloss of techno-cool to imaging and gaming, and promising yet more to come... Read more

Motorola Droid 3
3.5 stars Motorola Droid 3 By Mark Harris

Few companies get a second bite at the mobile cherry. Motorola took its initially awesome RAZR phone and flogged it until it wasn’t just a dead horse but little more than neatly canned dog food. With the company’s handset business on the brink of... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
4.5 stars Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 By Mark Harris

With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the size and form factor of tablets are finally set in stone. A year ago, tablets could have gone anywhere - they could have become neat and compact like the BlackBerry PlayBook and the first Samsung Tab,... Read more

HTC ThunderBolt review
4.0 stars HTC ThunderBolt review By Mark Harris

The HTC ThunderBolt is one of the very, very few 4G devices to actually be up and running on a 4G network (Verizon’s LTE roll-out in the US). As such, it’s perfectly positioned to act as a lightning rod for all the myths, hype and hassles that come... Read more

Palm Pre
4.5 stars Palm Pre By Mark Harris

In the lightning-fast world of mobile tech, few manufacturers ever recover from a run of poor devices. They might get swallowed up (like Ericsson or Siemens) or simply fade away (like Motorola?) but it’s the rare company that makes a Rocky-style comeback... Read more

Amazon Kindle DX ebook
3.5 stars Amazon Kindle DX ebook By Mark Harris

According to Amazon, Kindle users buy 2.6 times as many books as other customers - and even purchase the same number of printed books that they did before. So why did one attendee of Book Expo America last month confess to wanting to punch an owner of... Read more

Peek handheld email device
3.0 stars Peek handheld email device By Mark Harris

Everyone has a 3G smartphone, iPhone or netbook these days, right? Wrong. Just 15% of people with a mobile phone currently use email on the move, inspiring US start-up Peek to launch this low-priced messenger for the masses. Costing just $70 (£46) in... Read more

Sony Ericsson T650i mobile phone - First Look
Sony Ericsson T650i mobile phone - First Look By Mark Harris

At last night’s Sony Ericsson launch there wasn’t a Walkman or Cyber-shot in sight as the phone maker rolled out four new handsets with an emphasis on design. Pocket-lint managed to get a brief hands on with the new T650 from Sony Ericsson, so should... Read more

Sony Ericsson P1 - First Look
Sony Ericsson P1 - First Look By Mark Harris

Is the mobile phone market growing up at last? At last night’s Sony Ericsson launch there wasn’t a Walkman or Cyber-shot in sight as the phone maker rolled out four new handsets with an emphasis on design. Pocket-lint managed to get a brief hands... Read more