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Motorola Photon 4G hands-on
Motorola Photon 4G hands-on By Lydia Leavitt

At a fanfare event in New York City, Pocket-lint was on hand to hear Sprint announce the release of two new Motorola phones running on Android: the Triumph Read more

TomTom HD traffic expands across "Live" devices in US
TomTom HD traffic expands across "Live" devices in US By Lydia Leavitt

In-car navigation leader TomTom announced the expansion of its HD Traffic service to all “Live” series TomTom models available in the United States Read more

Amazon Cloud Player on Cloud Drive hands-on
Amazon Cloud Player on Cloud Drive hands-on By Lydia Leavitt

Amazon's Cloud Drive promises to let you store you music remotely and then stream it back to yourself wherever you are, but it is really that simple? Read more

Roku XDS
4.0 stars Roku XDS By Lydia Leavitt

Roku emerged in 2008 as one of the first set-top boxes to enable streaming internet content on a TV. Originally dominating the Netflix streaming market, Read more

First Look: Google Cr-48
First Look: Google Cr-48 By Lydia Leavitt

Chrome operated notebooks aren’t available for purchase yet but Pocket-lint was lucky enough to get our hands on the unbranded Chrome OS test notebook Read more

First Look: Sprint Kyocera Echo
First Look: Sprint Kyocera Echo By Lydia Leavitt

At an exclusive event in New York City, Sprint and Kyocera announced the first dual-screen smartphone running on Android, the Echo. The Android-powered Read more

BlackBerry Style 9670
3.0 stars BlackBerry Style 9670 By Lydia Leavitt

It’s not often you hear the words “smart flip phone” that is until you meet Sprint's Blackberry Style 9670. And smart it is. The hybrid BlackBerry Read more

Sprint ZTE Peel review
3.0 stars Sprint ZTE Peel review By Lydia Leavitt

The Sprint ZTE Peel, $79.99, is an accessory that ends the fruitless search for Wi-Fi by turning an Apple iPod touch into its own mobile hotspot on Sprint’s Read more

TomTom Go 2505 review
4.0 stars TomTom Go 2505 review By Lydia Leavitt

Last week, TomTom launched its newest in-car GPS navigator, the TomTom Go 2505, for $319.95. The GPS navigator boasts TomTom’s now standard features Read more

First Look: Acer Iconia
First Look: Acer Iconia By Lydia Leavitt

Acer announced its brand new device, the Iconia dual touchscreen laptop, in New York City and Pocket-lint was in attendance to grab a First Look review Read more

First Look: Samsung Continuum
First Look: Samsung Continuum By Lydia Leavitt

When clamshell phones were all the rage we revelled with excitement at the idea of a second screen on the outside that would give you valuable information Read more

First Look: Nook Color
First Look: Nook Color By Lydia Leavitt

Book lovers and journalists across New York City gathered at Barnes & Noble’s massive flagship store in Union Square for their “Very Special Event” Read more

First Look: Lexmark Genesis
First Look: Lexmark Genesis By Lydia Leavitt

Lexmark has unveiled the Lexmark Genesis printer, a new all-in-one printer that hides a digital camera within; letting you scan documents and photos Read more

First Look: Sony Internet TV
First Look: Sony Internet TV By Lydia Leavitt

Sony has launched its much anticipated Internet TV in New York City, and Pocket-lint was there to have a play and bring you our first impressions. Sony Read more

The Fight Lights Out preview
The Fight Lights Out preview By Lydia Leavitt

Last night Pocket-lint hit up PlayStation HQ in New York City for one reason, and one reason only: to play The Fight: Lights Out for PlayStation Move. Read more

First Look: Logitech Revue
First Look: Logitech Revue By Lydia Leavitt

Google TV has finally launched. It's here to make your TV smarter, oh, and to take on the likes of Apple, Boxee, and Roku at the same time. But should Read more

Logitech Revue: The all-in-one Google TV system
Logitech Revue: The all-in-one Google TV system By Lydia Leavitt

Logitech has announced its new Google TV companion box, the Logitech Revue, at a packed press event in New York City - a device that allows anyone with Read more