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Dead Head Fred - PSP - First Look
Dead Head Fred - PSP - First Look By Kenneth Henry

Getting straight to the point, Dead Head Fred's storyline is excellent. It's the tale of a detective in a corrupt city that stumbles onto something suspect, Read more

Sennheiser HD-201 headphones
4.5 stars Sennheiser HD-201 headphones By Kenneth Henry

No, Pocket-Lint is not turning into the Sennheiser tribute site, the problem is that universal German rival Beyerdynamic has returned to the studio level Read more

Quake 4 - PC
3.5 stars Quake 4 - PC By Kenneth Henry

One year after we reviewed Doom 3, Quake 4 has landed. It reintroduces us to the war with the Strogg race and you play Marine Matthew Kane once more, but Read more

Darwinia - PC
4.5 stars Darwinia - PC By Kenneth Henry

We all lament the dearth of original games on the PC platform, especially now we’re in the season of sports games which are about to have another year Read more

Up to 40 million credit cards hacked following Mastercard breach
Up to 40 million credit cards hacked following Mastercard breach By Kenneth Henry

American company CardSystems Solutions shed light on a major breach of security last month by hackers. The company acts as a clearing house for the transactions Read more

Plantronics Audio 90 headset
4.5 stars Plantronics Audio 90 headset By Kenneth Henry

We’ll let you into a little secret: I’ve been enjoying this headset too much to get round to reviewing it in its own right, although it was used for Read more

Act Of War - PC
3.5 stars Act Of War - PC By Kenneth Henry

World domination or more of the same old RTS? We take a look at Atari’s Act of War to see whether it can break away from the mould and take over your Read more

Counter-Strike: Source
4.5 stars Counter-Strike: Source By Kenneth Henry

Every single time I’ve sat down to write this review, I’ve always thought “best research it some more by playing a round or two”. It’s usually Read more

TDK NP100 headphones
3.5 stars TDK NP100 headphones By Kenneth Henry

TDK’s NP100 headphone set aims clearly at walkman users, and what you see is what you get with them- just the Sony-styled neckband cans and 1.1m of cable. Read more

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War - PC
4.0 stars Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War - PC By Kenneth Henry

It’s been a long time coming. For years, thousands (more likely millions globally) of people you may have judged to be anoraks at school, have been waiting Read more

Half Life 2 - PC
5.0 stars Half Life 2 - PC By Kenneth Henry

In Late November 1998, what were you doing? Can you even remember? PC Gamers can. They were finally celebrating the release of Half-Life, that game which Read more

Konica Minolta Z10
3.5 stars Konica Minolta Z10 By Kenneth Henry

This is the first in the Z series of cameras since Konica and Minolta merged and is a direct descendent of the Minolta Z1 and Z2. Announced at the same Read more

Canon Ixus 430
4.0 stars Canon Ixus 430 By Kenneth Henry

Canon's huge-selling Ixus 400 has been given a makeover and rechristened the IXUS 430. It continues along the same vein as the older model, but has been Read more

Doom 3 - PC
4.0 stars Doom 3 - PC By Kenneth Henry

Rather than rush in with a review on the first day, we’ve battled demons, fought monsters and come close to death to bring you this review. We went back Read more

Pinnacle PCTV USB2
3.5 stars Pinnacle PCTV USB2 By Kenneth Henry

There’s hardly anything to this Pinnacle kit unlike the massive studio sets we’ve reviewed recently. It’s just the box, the USB lead, the installation Read more

Dazzle Video Creator 90 video editing software
3.0 stars Dazzle Video Creator 90 video editing software By Kenneth Henry

Look at the package. Aside from the two CDs and manual, this blue box that looks like a child’s fist is all there is to the package, which plugs into Read more

Pinnacle Studio Moviebox Deluxe 9
3.5 stars Pinnacle Studio Moviebox Deluxe 9 By Kenneth Henry

First things first; FA Porsche really shouldn't be taking credit for designing a slab and rounding the edges. The Moviebox looks functional enough, but Read more

PC Relocator Ultra
3.5 stars PC Relocator Ultra By Kenneth Henry

With a company named Alohabob but based in New York and not Hawaii, the makers’ off-the-wall style immediately attracted us. Unlike Norton Ghost, there Read more

Jeantech Phong Breeze JNH-60 Case
4.5 stars Jeantech Phong Breeze JNH-60 Case By Kenneth Henry

Although we're not a hardcore PC hardware testing site, here at we can't resist a bargain, nor the urge to tell you about one that we Read more

Sennheiser PC 155 USB
4.5 stars Sennheiser PC 155 USB By Kenneth Henry

The PC 155s currently sit at the top of the tree in Sennheiser’s PC headset range but there’s been no skimping on sound quality in comparison with Read more

Perimeter - PC
4.0 stars Perimeter - PC By Kenneth Henry

Every so often in the Real Time Strategy Genre, a game other than the Command and Conquer Series moves gameplay and presentation up a notch. In the late Read more

Audio-Technica iCool ATC-H5 Headphones
4.0 stars Audio-Technica iCool ATC-H5 Headphones By Kenneth Henry

Look at the design and it’s easy to tell that the late great iMac has stamped its identity all over the design of these headphones - including its name. Read more

Sennheiser Master HD 200
3.5 stars Sennheiser Master HD 200 By Kenneth Henry

The packaging for these closed-back headphones features someone DJ-ing which should tell you the primary market at which these cans are aimed. In spite Read more

Iomega Super DVD Writer USB2
3.5 stars Iomega Super DVD Writer USB2 By Kenneth Henry

Iomega has a habit of launching new formats of its own before taking a while to catch up with what’s popular, open-ended and widely used. This is the Read more

Labtec Stereo 332
4.0 stars Labtec Stereo 332 By Kenneth Henry

So many of the headsets we review are sexy, snazzy, offer wireless communication and promise infinite wonders. This headset has the good looks but steadfastly Read more

Far Cry - PC
4.5 stars Far Cry - PC By Kenneth Henry

It began life as X-Isle, a tech demo for showing off Nvidia’s graphics cards but then someone saw the potential for a game among all the dinosaur dodging. Read more

Proline DM1945MP3  portable CD/MP3 player
4.5 stars Proline DM1945MP3 portable CD/MP3 player By Kenneth Henry

If this looks familiar it's because of heavy TV promotion by its seller, Comet. Its £30 RRP is standard, not just for seasonal sales. When we saw the Read more

Hidden and Dangerous 2 - PC
3.5 stars Hidden and Dangerous 2 - PC By Kenneth Henry

After making the Deluxe (=patched-up) original instalment abandonware to download, fans sent this game to the top of the charts on release. Now the second Read more

Halo: Combat Evolved - PC
4.0 stars Halo: Combat Evolved - PC By Kenneth Henry

We were going to write you a long intro describing Halo, but Microsoft's publicity machine has been in overdrive. You'd have needed to live on the moon Read more

4.0 stars HP IPAQ H5550 By Kenneth Henry

What price would you put on a product working first time from setup to switch-on, and its drivers not interfering with your PC's normal operation? For Read more

HP IPAQ 2210
4.5 stars HP IPAQ 2210 By Kenneth Henry

HP's pre-Compaq takeover range of PDAs was led by the Jornada, placed carefully in a Bond film in 1999. While the top of the range iPAQ 5550 also looks Read more

Unreal Tournament 2003 gets new Bonus Pack- from the fans
Unreal Tournament 2003 gets new Bonus Pack- from the fans By Kenneth Henry

There were two bonus map sets from Epic and Digital Extremes and then the Ownage Compilation of maps handpicked by the lead designer Cliff Bleszinski. Read more

Macromedia Refreshes Range
Macromedia Refreshes Range By Kenneth Henry

In a month's time it will be Microsoft Office's turn but this month it's Web kings Macromedia, launching new versions of their core applications, all subtitled Read more

The Sims virus regains hold on PC "games" charts
The Sims virus regains hold on PC "games" charts By Kenneth Henry

Now that the double virus panic has died down, running hand in hand with the arrest of the Blaster Worm creator in the States, The Sims are back at the Read more