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Best fans 2019: Keep yourself cool while the heat rises
Best fans 2019: Keep yourself cool while the heat rises By Jason Denwood

When the summer months hit the UK, we all start to wonder why we never installed airconditioning as we swelter through those uncomfortable nights. Read more

Panasonic Viera TX-L47ET50B
4.0 stars Panasonic Viera TX-L47ET50B By Jason Denwood

When is a 3DTV not a 3DTV? Panasonic’s biggest-ever attempt at an Edge LED television here includes the pricier, sharper Active Shutter flavour of the Read more

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7-40
4.0 stars Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 7-40 By Jason Denwood

Would you pay ten grand for a telly? Of course you wouldn't, but ask someone at Bang & Olufsen what brands they're up against and they're more likely to Read more

Toshiba 40RL858
4.0 stars Toshiba 40RL858 By Jason Denwood

Toshiba doesn't actually manufacture the panels and tech inside its TVs, but this 40-incher provides yet more proof of why – as a brand – it continues Read more

Toshiba 37UL863
3.5 stars Toshiba 37UL863 By Jason Denwood

Personal TV is here. Sort of. If you're the type of person who endlessly fiddles with a TV's settings mid-movie to howls of abuse from your co-habitees Read more

Panasonic TX-P50ST30
4.5 stars Panasonic TX-P50ST30 By Jason Denwood

Whether or not you’ve been impressed by 3D enough to have it at home, would you seriously consider buying a big, expensive TV that couldn't flirt with Read more

Acer HN274H 3D monitor
4.0 stars Acer HN274H 3D monitor By Jason Denwood

Can't decide whether to invest in a 3DTV? Acer's HN274H, a 27-inch PC monitor that uses an active shutter 3D system might be the perfect stop gap.Although Read more

Philips 42PFL7666
4.0 stars Philips 42PFL7666 By Jason Denwood

Active shutter or passive 3D? Expensive glasses and awesome detail, or cheap glasses and a slightly softer image? Can't make up your mind? Don’t worry, Read more

Samsung PS51D8000
4.0 stars Samsung PS51D8000 By Jason Denwood

Samsung’s flagship plasma TV represents a delicious compromise. It’s got the second best online dimension, after Sony’s Bravia Internet Video platform, Read more

Panasonic TX-P50VT30
4.5 stars Panasonic TX-P50VT30 By Jason Denwood

This is home cinema heaven. We can spot a blackout-bound plasma screen a mile off, but the backlit remote control in the TX-P50VT30’s box – it glows Read more

Sony KDL-37EX524
4.0 stars Sony KDL-37EX524 By Jason Denwood

Another measured attempt by Sony, this time in the increasingly rare, but popular with consumers, 37-inch size. It sits slap bang in the middle of the Read more

Sony KDL-55HX823 3DTV
4.0 stars Sony KDL-55HX823 3DTV By Jason Denwood

This isn't Sony’s most expensive screen, that dubious honour goes to its KDL-55HX923. But don't bother with that because the HX823 series’ luscious Read more

Sharp Aquos LC-46LE831E
4.0 stars Sharp Aquos LC-46LE831E By Jason Denwood

After virtually creating the big screen LCD TV, Sharp’s latest Aquos is a huge step in the direction of picture perfection, but is it at the cost of Read more

Panasonic DMR-BWT700
3.5 stars Panasonic DMR-BWT700 By Jason Denwood

Panasonic’s latest brainy box has so many functions we’re not quite sure what to call it. Back in the 1980s my Dad refused to buy a new TV, a VHS recorder, Read more

Sony KDL-32CX523
4.5 stars Sony KDL-32CX523 By Jason Denwood

Sony is back with one of its first offerings for 2011, and it’s a budget belter. Lacking any kind of upmarket panel tech, you’ll have to make do with Read more

Altec Lansing inMotion Air iMW725
4.5 stars Altec Lansing inMotion Air iMW725 By Jason Denwood

The iPhone dock is dead. Despite all the fuss surrounding iPod-iPhone-iPad docks over the past few years, it was inevitable that the very notion of sitting Read more

Digital Stream DPS-1000
3.5 stars Digital Stream DPS-1000 By Jason Denwood

Lovefilm is on a charge. Having eclipsed its mail order competition and spent a year streaming its wares to games consoles and every web-connected TV going, Read more

Onkyo CS-545UK
3.0 stars Onkyo CS-545UK By Jason Denwood

A media-savvy micro system that includes DAB and an iPhone dock - and all for less than £200 - sounds like any hi-fi wannabe's desktop dream come true.At Read more

TVonics DTR-Z500HD review
4.5 stars TVonics DTR-Z500HD review By Jason Denwood

An update of last year’s HD500, the Z500HD from South Wales-based TVonics is a serious attempt at a uniquely talented Freeview HD recorder - and a successful Read more

GEAR4 HouseParty AirWave
3.0 stars GEAR4 HouseParty AirWave By Jason Denwood

The idea of an iPhone dock is becoming less and less appealing to owners of the humble Apple gadget. Maybe it’s the thought of being parted from all Read more

Philips 40PFL9705
4.5 stars Philips 40PFL9705 By Jason Denwood

Can a TV be considered high-end if it has no Freeview HD tuner? Clocking in at just shy of £2000, Philips’ latest may lack the latest free high-def Read more

Sony Bravia KDL-40LX903
3.5 stars Sony Bravia KDL-40LX903 By Jason Denwood

Unlike in the world of Blu-ray players, where buying a non-3D-capable deck is fast becoming a waste of time, the jury is still out on 3DTVs. Sony’s KDL-40LX903 Read more

Revo AXiS
4.0 stars Revo AXiS By Jason Denwood

It looks like a simple bedside clock radio, but underneath the AXiS’ soft black plastic shell are more features than you’ve a right to expect in a Read more

Panasonic TX-L32X20
4.5 stars Panasonic TX-L32X20 By Jason Denwood

It’s gotta be LED, right? Unless you’re the vain type and only after the slimmest screens around, the trend to LED-backlit LCD TVs is one to be avoided Read more

Panasonic TX-L19D28
4.5 stars Panasonic TX-L19D28 By Jason Denwood

Available in white or purple, this 19-inch LED-backlit from Panasonic is a serious attempt at a high-end screen - and at this size that’s rare indeed.You’ll Read more

KitSound BoomDock
4.0 stars KitSound BoomDock By Jason Denwood

Pick almost any genre of product - MP3 players, camcorders, laptops or phones - and there are usually two types of products: high-end models that ooze Read more

Samsung UE19C4000
4.5 stars Samsung UE19C4000 By Jason Denwood

Technically defined as LED-backlit LCD TVs, the fact that most of us know the latest flatscreen idea simply as “LED TVs” is largely down to brands Read more

Philips 19PFL3405
3.0 stars Philips 19PFL3405 By Jason Denwood

The LED craze is in full swing so it’s no surprise that the energy saving and super-slim tech has made its way down to the 19-inch size. Philips has Read more

Linsar 19LED805T
3.5 stars Linsar 19LED805T By Jason Denwood

With the flat TV being a resolutely Asian invention, buying British is no easy task. And while Dorset-based company Linsar use a manufacturer in Turkey Read more

Panasonic TX-P50S20B
4.5 stars Panasonic TX-P50S20B By Jason Denwood

Unless you’re after a 3DTV or simply must have a super-flat (and super-expensive) LED-lit LCD TV, the £900-or-so that buys this 50-inch plasma represents Read more

LG 19LD350
3.5 stars LG 19LD350 By Jason Denwood

Always the darling of consumers looking for good value, LG recently reached the enviable target of selling 5-million LCD panels worldwide in 1 month (September Read more

TVonics DTR-HD500
3.5 stars TVonics DTR-HD500 By Jason Denwood

Freeview HD is perfect for those who want high-def and can’t stomach paying subscriptions, but we’d all rather a Sky+ experience, wouldn’t we? In Read more

Philips 40PFL7605
4.0 stars Philips 40PFL7605 By Jason Denwood

LCD TVs with souped-up LED backlights have propped-up the prices of flatscreen TVs this past year or so, but while brands such as Sharp and Toshiba slowly Read more

Philips HDT8520
4.0 stars Philips HDT8520 By Jason Denwood

The age of the personal video recorder (PVR) dawned long ago, but the folk over at Freeview are only just catching-up. Freeview+ recorders - initially Read more

TechniSat HDFV
4.0 stars TechniSat HDFV By Jason Denwood

A tiny, but very significant contribution to the exploding Freeview HD market comes from TechniSat in the form of its diminutive HDFV. It’s highly unusual Read more

Sony KDL-32EX503
4.5 stars Sony KDL-32EX503 By Jason Denwood

It's no good possessing the latest and greatest technology - in this case, Sony's Freeview HD tuner - if the delivery is botched. On this gloss black, Read more

Samsung BD-C8500M
3.5 stars Samsung BD-C8500M By Jason Denwood

Spotted selling online for around the £400 mark, this bulky deck from Samsung seeks to kit-out a home with two of the most sought-after AV products of Read more

Samsung LE40C650
4.5 stars Samsung LE40C650 By Jason Denwood

Selling for as much as £899 from the likes of Tesco and Argos, we spotted this mid-range Samsung LCD selling online for under £650 - and at that price Read more

Toshiba 32LV713 television
4.0 stars Toshiba 32LV713 television By Jason Denwood

Built-in Freeview HD may be all the rage in the flat TV world, but to millions of Brits it’s a complete waste of time. Many UK homes have either a Sky+HD Read more

Panasonic DMR-XW380 Freeview HD DVD recorder
3.5 stars Panasonic DMR-XW380 Freeview HD DVD recorder By Jason Denwood

The recession is lingering and the demand for HD has never been higher. The perfect time, then for folk paying the likes of Sky and Virgin every month Read more

Digital Stream DHR8203U Freeview HD recorder
3.5 stars Digital Stream DHR8203U Freeview HD recorder By Jason Denwood

Freeview HD has hit the headlines, but as for "World Cup recorders" there's scant few available on the new platform, making Digital Stream's debut DHR8203U Read more

Panasonic TX-L32D28BP television
4.0 stars Panasonic TX-L32D28BP television By Jason Denwood

Part of Panasonic's LED-lit D28 Series, this purple (or silver, or white) set is some package - but it comes at a high price. Although it's only 77mm in Read more

Sharp TU-T2 receiver
3.5 stars Sharp TU-T2 receiver By Jason Denwood

Clear space in your home entertainment setup - it's time for another black box! Freeview HD is the latest logo on the nation's shopping list, and you'll Read more

Philips DTR5520 receiver
3.5 stars Philips DTR5520 receiver By Jason Denwood

Designed by Pace and sold under the Philips brand, this well-made and nicely organised Freeview HD box is little more than a simple receiver. Which is Read more

LG 50PK990 television
4.0 stars LG 50PK990 television By Jason Denwood

Flat TVs are hot products this summer thanks to the World Cup, and the big brands are shedding the pounds in preparation. None more so than this 50-inch Read more

Grundig GU22DVDBLK television
3.0 stars Grundig GU22DVDBLK television By Jason Denwood

With the big brand's engineering talents usually confined to producing big, brash - and thoroughly expensive - flagship TVs, it's often worth poking around Read more

Toshiba 26DV615D television
4.0 stars Toshiba 26DV615D television By Jason Denwood

The idea behind pairing a LCD TV with a DVD player seems obvious, but for some reason it’s never caught on beyond the budget brands. And while Toshiba Read more

John Lewis JL22LCDHD television
3.0 stars John Lewis JL22LCDHD television By Jason Denwood

Flatscreen TVs are selling in their squillions at the moment, with 10 million sold last year and 7 million predicted to sell before the World Cup - but Read more

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness - DS
3.5 stars Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness - DS By Jason Denwood

The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series has been around since the days of the SNES but can the latest version for the Nintendo DS bring any new magic, or should Read more

Apple iPhone review
4.5 stars Apple iPhone review By Jason Denwood

We are going to give it top marks, however before you sign up yourself, you must make sure you are aware of its many limitations. Read more