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Sodoku handheld game console
3.5 stars Sodoku handheld game console By Frances Miles

Sodoku is still gripping the country, but can an electronic version of the popular number game be the answer to never being able to find your pen? We get Read more

Movies - PC
4.0 stars Movies - PC By Frances Miles

Movies is the latest twist of the addictive Sims genre, but is it just more of the same? We play God (or is that Steven Spielberg) for the week to find Read more

Dyson Car Cleaning Kit
4.0 stars Dyson Car Cleaning Kit By Frances Miles

Dyson may promise to make your house spotless but what about your car? We set aside one Saturday to see whether the new Dyson Car Cleaning kit could do Read more

4.0 stars Lego CLIKITS By Frances Miles

Lego’s for boys isn’t it? Seeing that girls might possibly like building things to (they really do you know) Lego has introduced a new range called Read more