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Prestigio Data Safe II portable hard drive
3.0 stars Prestigio Data Safe II portable hard drive By Davey Winder

Standing out is hard enough in the often predictable and increasingly overcrowded world of PC peripherals, and when you focus upon the particular genre that is the portable hard drive the task becomes even more Herculean. But that has not stopped Prestigio... Read more

Toshiba Dynadock laptop docking station
4.0 stars Toshiba Dynadock laptop docking station By Davey Winder

If you have moved to the light-side, as in dumped your desktop in favour of a portable machine, then you will probably already be missing the ability to use all those essential peripherals without having to worry about plugging things in and out, or the... Read more

Thecus N299 NAS drive
4.0 stars Thecus N299 NAS drive By Davey Winder

Data has exploded in this digital home era, from music to video to games and just general computer stuff – we have ever increasingly large amounts of data and ever decreasing space upon which to store it. The 100GB or so of hard drive storage on your... Read more

2.5 stars Zalman FPSGUN By Davey Winder

Gaming input peripherals have a habit of looking like they have been designed by a teenager after one too many alcopops, and the Zalman FG100 is no exception. Although given the soubriquet of FPSGUN, we would venture that it looks more like the amputated... Read more

Trust Ultra Small Bluetooth 2 USB Adapter
4.5 stars Trust Ultra Small Bluetooth 2 USB Adapter By Davey Winder

There is one compelling reason to opt for the Trust Ultra Small device if you need to add Bluetooth 2 capability to your computer, and it’s a small reason at that, literally: size. All wrapped up in a unit which is pretty much the size of a USB connector... Read more

Epson Picturemate PM290 printer
4.5 stars Epson Picturemate PM290 printer By Davey Winder

Don’t mistake an Epson Picturemate for a photo printing workhorse, that would be to miss the point. This is hardware for the casual digital photographer, not the professional or even the prosumer for that matter. If you fall into the category of someone... Read more

Gear4 BlackBox Mini speakers
3.5 stars Gear4 BlackBox Mini speakers By Davey Winder

GEAR4 has, in essence, attempted to make a Mini-Me version of its stunning looking Bluetooth BlackBox stereo speaker system. In that regard we have to say it has succeeded in pretty much every department from the bling look of the minimalist piano black... Read more

Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 keyboard and mouse
2.5 stars Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 keyboard and mouse By Davey Winder

The Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 8000 costs twice as much as the previous 7000 version, but what does the extra 1000 give you? We get typing to find out. Well, there’s the keyboard itself which has been slightly tweaked to make it rechargeable via... Read more

Buffalo WZR2-G300N Nfiniti Router
4.5 stars Buffalo WZR2-G300N Nfiniti Router By Davey Winder

Wireless broadband routers are coming thick and fast, and differentiating between one model and another is becoming increasingly harder as far as the average buyer is concerned. After all, if it gets the data from the Internet to your computer and back... Read more

AirBox CM3 mobile broadband router
2.5 stars AirBox CM3 mobile broadband router By Davey Winder

Some ideas sound really cool on paper, and with the right headline can make your jaw drop for a second or two at least. So it is with the AirBox CM3 mobile router which promises to bring broadband into your car even at 100 miles per hour. Wow, you might... Read more

iRadioPop USB Internet Radio Player and Recorder
3.5 stars iRadioPop USB Internet Radio Player and Recorder By Davey Winder

You can easily use your web browser to visit any of the thousands of radio stations that broadcast across the Internet, streaming live audio directly to your PC or laptop. So why would you want to shell out any money for a device that does the same? The... Read more

SuperTooth Visor Voice
4.0 stars SuperTooth Visor Voice By Davey Winder

It is rather hard these days to come up with anything approaching a unique selling point as far as hands-free Bluetooth headsets are concerned. Indeed, I am filled with dread when yet another device is sent my way for review as I honestly fear that I’ll... Read more

Wolfking Timber Wolf Keyboard
3.5 stars Wolfking Timber Wolf Keyboard By Davey Winder

Awooga, awooga, gaming keyboard alert. Which usually means look out for a weird and whacky design meant to make your gaming life easier coupled to a very silly name. The Wolf King Timber Wolf certainly does not disappoint on either front. Apparently the... Read more

Yego USB thumb drive and hub
4.0 stars Yego USB thumb drive and hub By Davey Winder

It isn’t the smallest (69 x 43.5 x 14.8mm) nor lightest (19.5g) USB thumb drive we have ever seen, nor is it the most secure, the biggest capacity or even the best looking. But it does provide something that we have not seen for a darn long time as... Read more

Belkin N1 Vision wireless router
3.5 stars Belkin N1 Vision wireless router By Davey Winder

The Belkin N1 Vision has a lot going for it: the performance boost of being a "second draft 802.11n" device for starters with the truly impressive wireless range that brings, then there is the four Gigabit Ethernet ports and the no disc required true... Read more

BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth headset
4.0 stars BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth headset By Davey Winder

You probably haven’t heard of BlueAnt, unless you happen to be Australian that is. Down under it can boast of being the biggest supplier of Bluetooth peripherals in the country. It has chosen an interesting product to attempt to break into the UK market,... Read more

Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-HD-S2 TV Tuner
3.0 stars Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-HD-S2 TV Tuner By Davey Winder

Being gadget freaks we have all bought into the HD-ready TV revolution but how many of us are actually watching HD television broadcasts? Well I am, because I was foolish enough to "invest" in a Sky HD box and pay an additional £10 per month for, to... Read more

iHome iH8 iPod speaker alarm clock
3.5 stars iHome iH8 iPod speaker alarm clock By Davey Winder

The clock radio is a familiar site in the bedrooms of old people all over the country. The under-60s, however, probably do not have one nestling next to a teasmaid and a large print library book. The iH8 hopes to change all that by bringing clock radio... Read more

Cyqnett Groove Transporter FM transmitter
3.0 stars Cyqnett Groove Transporter FM transmitter By Davey Winder

If you have read our review of the Unison i-X5 iPod speakers then you will already know that we have been blown away by the sound quality that Cygnett are capable of producing. The question is whether that same audio experience can be replicated in portable... Read more

Evesham ebox HD media centre PC
4.5 stars Evesham ebox HD media centre PC By Davey Winder

We have always liked the ebox series of media centre PCs from Evesham because they perform as good as they look and don’t cost the earth. Even the fact that Evesham Technology went into administration a couple of months back does not dampen our enthusiasm.... Read more

OneClick IntelliPanel Energy saving power extension
4.5 stars OneClick IntelliPanel Energy saving power extension By Davey Winder

Computing is not what it used to be, thank goodness. Only an old bloke called Albert hankers after the days when a personal computer required a room the size of my house and then took 4 years to say "hello world" after all. PCs have shrunk in both size... Read more

Corsair Flash Padlock USB memory drive
3.0 stars Corsair Flash Padlock USB memory drive By Davey Winder

I cannot recall ever seeing a larger USB memory drive than the Corsair Padlock, and I’m not referring to the meagre 2GB capacity either. Nope, this is quite the most humungously huge device around. To think of it as a thumb drive you would have to have... Read more

Cygnett Unison i-X5 iPod speakers
4.5 stars Cygnett Unison i-X5 iPod speakers By Davey Winder

Cygnet is an Australian manufacturer of iPod accessories, the usual array of FM transmitters, cases and a couple of alarm clock docks. So you might forgive me for not expecting great things of the Unison i-X5 kit that arrived on our doorstep promising... Read more

Asus MyPal A696 GPS receiver
3.0 stars Asus MyPal A696 GPS receiver By Davey Winder

To get geek just for a minute, the Intel XScale 416MHz processor packing 256MB of Flash ROM and 64MB SDRAM memory, a 240 x 320 display with effective anti-glare touch screen and displaying 65,000 colours, Bluetooth 2 and 802.11b+g Wi-Fi, and Windows Mobile... Read more

Wacom Bamboo pen tablet
3.5 stars Wacom Bamboo pen tablet By Davey Winder

For most people, most of the time, using anything other than a combination of a keyboard and mouse is mostly useless. Alternative input devices come and go, but the killer combo firmly remain. Can the Wacom Bamboo change that? Not on its own, no. However,... Read more

D-Link MediaLounge DSM-520 wireless media streamer
3.0 stars D-Link MediaLounge DSM-520 wireless media streamer By Davey Winder

The DSM-520 is entering a pretty crowded sector of the entertainment technology marketplace, namely that of putting high definition video content on to your television in your living room, bedroom or wherever else you might want that HD to be. Increasingly,... Read more

Yoggie Pico Pro security drive
4.0 stars Yoggie Pico Pro security drive By Davey Winder

The Yoggie Pico Pro is a USB thumb drive with no space for you to store stuff on. But don't panic, it does come with 15 security applications pre-installed, and it does throw in a Linux OS, and it does pack a 520MHz PXA270 Intel processor on board, and... Read more

SanDisk Cruzer Professional USB drive
4.5 stars SanDisk Cruzer Professional USB drive By Davey Winder

SanDisk actually sent us two new USB thumb drives in the well established Cruzer range to review, the other one being the Enterprise which is less Star Trek and more The Apprentice. By which we mean it is aimed squarely at the large corporations which... Read more

Klix photo recovery software - PC
4.5 stars Klix photo recovery software - PC By Davey Winder

JoeSoft was founded with the simple aim of producing affordable products that the "Average Joe" could use, something that it has succeeded on both counts with when it comes to Klix. Or at least it has now that the company has had a rethink and reduced... Read more

Stealth MXP secure USB thumb drive
3.5 stars Stealth MXP secure USB thumb drive By Davey Winder

Regular readers will know that I suffer from ITS-OCD, IT Security Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have to encrypt my data three times before I leave the building and insist on changing my pass-phrase every hour. OK, so it’s not really that bad, but... Read more

Chuzzle - mobile phone game
4.0 stars Chuzzle - mobile phone game By Davey Winder

PopCap Games is probably best known for its sublime puzzler, Bejeweled. Hugely successful, with more than 5 million sold since 2001, Bejeweled was recently inducted into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame, the first puzzle game to be honoured like... Read more

ZyXEL NBG-415N wireless router
3.0 stars ZyXEL NBG-415N wireless router By Davey Winder

Another day, another wireless router. At least that’s the way it seems, so what can the snappily named ZyXEL NBG-415N do to stand out from the crowd? Well you might be forgiven for thinking that it is the speed that stands out, considering the packaging... Read more

JBL On Stage Micro iPod speaker
4.5 stars JBL On Stage Micro iPod speaker By Davey Winder

I have been a fan of the JBL OnStage iPod speaker dock for some time now, having stumbled across one when it first launched and I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on a large Bose speaker, which pretty much had the iPod market to itself. JBL did... Read more

Evesham TV-930 portable LCD television
3.0 stars Evesham TV-930 portable LCD television By Davey Winder

This small, 240 x 172 x 33mm with a visible display area of 199 x 119mm, 16:9 ratio LCD television weighs in at less than 1kg making it truly portable unlike most portable tellies. Although we will come back to the question of real world portability in... Read more

Terratec Cinergy HT Express
3.5 stars Terratec Cinergy HT Express By Davey Winder

The small and light Cinergy HT Express from Terratec is the first hybrid TV tuner supporting the ExpressCard standard. Hybrid because it receives both terrestrial DVB-T digital (Freeview in other words) and standard analogue television plus DVB-T and... Read more

Jumbo Universal Remote
3.0 stars Jumbo Universal Remote By Davey Winder

There are plenty of universal remote control devices on the market, and the main difference between them tends to be split between how many different devices they can control and how much you want to spend on them. But now you can add a third dimension... Read more

Netgear SPH200D Skype Phone
4.0 stars Netgear SPH200D Skype Phone By Davey Winder

Do not make the mistake of thinking about the SPH200D in terms of being a normal cordless telephone with the addition of Skype functionality as a bonus. You would have to be mad to cough up nearly £100 for such a thing. However, turn the assumption on... Read more

Noxon iRadio
3.0 stars Noxon iRadio By Davey Winder

The Noxon iRadio is the latest in this streaming internet radio device family, and the styling will quite simply polarise opinion. We were split down the middle, I and my son loved the retro styling cues, my wife and daughter hated it. So we tried the... Read more

Laptop Desk Aluminium
4.0 stars Laptop Desk Aluminium By Davey Winder

Serious road warriors will know all too well about the serious problem created by serious heat in a very serious area of the trouser department by their laptop computers. One company that came up with a serious solution many years ago was the US based... Read more

Genius Ergomedia 500 controller
3.5 stars Genius Ergomedia 500 controller By Davey Winder

OK, confession time: I am not the greatest fan of PC gaming on the planet. The fact that I have just splashed the cash for a PlayStation 3 tends to suggest I prefer my game playing fix on a dedicated console. I have had to plug in a USB keyboard to my... Read more

ReCharge4 Portable Power Supply
4.5 stars ReCharge4 Portable Power Supply By Davey Winder

Hands up everyone who has an iPod or another MP3 player, a mobile phone, digital camera and maybe a portable games console such as the PSP or Nintendo DS. OK, now keep your hands up if you carry two or three of these around with you pretty much all the... Read more

MicroMemo voice recorder for iPod
4.0 stars MicroMemo voice recorder for iPod By Davey Winder

Because I am a journalist I get to do journalist things like travel to interesting places, I am writing this review in a hotel room in Rome for example, and meet interesting people. Unfortunately, I often have to record what those interesting people are... Read more

G-Note 5000 digital note taker
3.0 stars G-Note 5000 digital note taker By Davey Winder

The concept is nothing new, it is that of the digital pen and paper: take notes on the paper pad and everything you write or draw is also immediately copied onto the built-in 32MB of Flash memory as a digital image that can be transferred to your PC later... Read more

Genius SP-i200U USB Speakers
3.5 stars Genius SP-i200U USB Speakers By Davey Winder

There are two big truths that need to be stated right at the start of this review so we all know where we stand: Truth 1. Listening to music through the speakers built in to your laptop is only slightly preferable to massaging your ears with a cheese... Read more

Tech air Weekender laptop bag
4.0 stars Tech air Weekender laptop bag By Davey Winder

Ever since UK airports have limited the number of bags you can take aboard a flight as cabin luggage to one, carrying a laptop has become problematical for those of us who like to fly light. By which we mean avoid the hassle of having to place luggage... Read more

D-Link RangeBooster N650 (DIR-655)
4.5 stars D-Link RangeBooster N650 (DIR-655) By Davey Winder

The RangeBooster N series is not new, but the processor inside the DIR-655 is and it’s the fastest yet which means you get the quickest and most reliable moving of data between the Internet and your local area network devices when compared with other... Read more

ViewDock VX1945wm monitor with iPod dock
2.5 stars ViewDock VX1945wm monitor with iPod dock By Davey Winder

Sometimes the idea of something is better than the reality: having that last pint that pushes you over the edge, Windows TabletPC Edition and now to add to the list a monitor with built-in iPod dock. It looks good on paper, and in fairness looks pretty... Read more

ExpressCard Media Remote VP6600
4.0 stars ExpressCard Media Remote VP6600 By Davey Winder

Mac laptop users have long since come to expect a remote control to come as part of the design led computing experience, and some PC Media Center laptops (notably those from HP) have followed the Apple lead with credit card sized remotes that occupy a... Read more

ABSplus backup hard drive
4.0 stars ABSplus backup hard drive By Davey Winder

The rugged exterior of the ABSplus, as the name implies, will withstand life in your shoulder bag, or carry on luggage for long haul flights, or pretty much anything else you throw at it. We would not feel comfortable letting an 8-year-old with a sledgehammer... Read more

AGEIA PhysX PPU graphics card
4.0 stars AGEIA PhysX PPU graphics card By Davey Winder

The concept of a dedicated add-on card just for gamers really isn’t anything new. Heck, who didn’t go out and buy a dedicated graphics accelerator to get the best out of Quake and similar games 10 years ago, just as soon as they had the available... Read more