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Windows Phone 8 notification centre was planned, but Microsoft "ran out of time"
New Sony PS4 dev kit now with developers, as further clues of what to expect emerge
Microsoft already testing its own smartphone, according to anonymous sources
Android now has 75 per cent of the smartphone market, according to Q3 results
iPad mini gets the teardown treatment, features a Samsung screen and stereo speakers
Sony financial results show company is still in the red, but improving
Apple ordered to amend Samsung non-apology, must republish on homepage
Windows Phone 8 SDK available to download, developers go go go
iPad mini does have stereo speakers, disproving Amazon claims
Nokia confirms it's opening up Nokia Drive to other Windows Phone 8 manufacturers
Romeo & Juliet comes to life on the iPad with interactive Explore Shakespeare app
O2 Nexus 4 release date, prices and details confirmed
Aves unveils series of digital Bluetooth wireless speakers
Microsoft: Sorry for European Surface delays, here's a gift card
EE 4G network now live in the UK
EXCLUSIVE: O2 secures Nexus 4 for one month, celebrates by giving away LG TVs
Google Nexus 4 now official, available 13 November
Nook Simple Touch GlowLight and Nook Simple Touch now on sale in UK retailers
Philips hue LED bulb illuminates your home via your smartphone or tablet
Nexus 4 found in San Francisco bar, Google sent on wild goose chase to retrieve
Nexus 4 manual leaked on LG's official website, reveals wireless charging
Sony Reader Store opens a virtual book club for US customers
Nokia no longer top 5 smartphone manufacturer, as Samsung and Apple march on
Nexus 10 photos posted to Google+ by Google chief
Windows 8 Store will sell adult-rated games in UK, after Microsoft reverses decision
Vodafone launches 4G Promise, knocks 70 per cent off existing contract for customers who upgrade
Apple publishes Samsung apology on its site... But doesn't apologise
iPad mini: Where to get it
Nexus 4: Carphone Warehouse pre-order page reveals specifications and details ahead of launch
Skype 6.0 update arrives, now log in through your Microsoft and Facebook accounts
LG Nexus 4 press image leaked
Facebook on the wane? Don't you believe it as shares soar following Q3 results
Apple shocks everyone with iPad 4, adds 4G connectivity for UK
Brit Spotify rival goes Windows 8 and iOS
Thousands of Android apps fail to protect personal data, say scientists
Samsung serves divorce papers on Apple, will no longer supply display tech
LG Nexus 4 October 29 arrival confirmed by LG, ships to India in November
Memoto's camera continuously photographs your life without you even knowing
LG shows off Windows 8 sliding tablet and 24-inch all-in-one PC
Daley Thompson's Decathlon game resurrected for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
Vodafone Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S III now available
Samsung Nexus 10 tablet arriving with Android 4.2 at Google 29 October event
Sony announces Jelly Bean update for Xperia range, not here until 2013
Microsoft posts disappointing financial results ahead of Windows 8 launch
New Samsung Chromebook announced, starts at £230
Lomography Belair X 6-12 cameras bring back the bellows to print photography
Three Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S III update rolls-out
Newsweek to become all-digital in 2013, renamed Newsweek Global
Nokia Q3 financial results show company on road to recovery, ships 2.9 million Lumias
Tumi x Monster headphones marks the start of a new partnership