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Blades of Glory - DVD
3.0 stars Blades of Glory - DVD By Dan Hall

Such is his popularity at present that only four words - Will Ferrell does NASCAR – were required to convince Sony to commission his last project, the $150 million making Taladega Nights. And so, treading a similar path, we now have "Will Ferrell does... Read more

The Illusionist - DVD
3.0 stars The Illusionist - DVD By Dan Hall

You wait years for a movie about early nineteenth century magicians to come along and then, hey presto, two turn up at once. Hot on the heels of Christopher Nolan's "The Prestige" comes the big screen adaptation of Steven Millhauser's short story "Eisenheim... Read more

The Good Shepherd - DVD
3.5 stars The Good Shepherd - DVD By Dan Hall

Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) is a high flyer at Yale University in 1939 when he is recruited to join the American secret service. His hidden life gives him first hand experience of the Second World War and the Soviet expansion into Eastern Europe while... Read more

Apocalypto - DVD
4.0 stars Apocalypto - DVD By Dan Hall

Three years on from The Passion of the Christ, Mel Gibson returns to the director’s chair for a brutal action thriller set against the backdrop of the fall of the Mayan empire. When a savage tribe decimates a peaceful village, Jaguar Paw (Youngblood)... Read more

Infamous - DVD
4.0 stars Infamous - DVD By Dan Hall

Following directly in the footsteps of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Oscar winning turn in 2006, Toby Jones now takes on the role of Truman Capote - the famously eccentric American novelist, playwright and screenwriter - in Infamous. The story begins as... Read more

Smokin' Aces - DVD
2.0 stars Smokin' Aces - DVD By Dan Hall

From the creator of gritty undercover cop thriller Narc, comes a furiously bloody action flick set in the murky underworld of the Las Vegas mafia. When Buddy “Aces” Israel (Piven), a magician and small-time crook, decides to turn state’s evidence... Read more

Flushed Away - DVD
3.0 stars Flushed Away - DVD By Dan Hall

Aardman, the Bristol-based team behind Wallace and Gromit, join up with animation giants DreamWorks (Shrek) for their third big-screen adventure. Leading a strong list of A-List stars Hugh Jackman plays Roddy, a pet rat from a luxurious Kensington apartment... Read more

Jackass number two - DVD
4.0 stars Jackass number two - DVD By Dan Hall

Four years on from their first big screen outing, the Jackass crew are back for another 95 minutes of bone crunching, testicle crushing mayhem. Dispensing with any pretence of a plot the gung-ho gang launch themselves into a string of uproarious skits... Read more

Volver - DVD
4.0 stars Volver - DVD By Dan Hall

Sexy village girl Raimunda (Cruz) keeps the food on the table in their small Madrid apartment without much help from her drunken husband (Antonio de Torre) or teenage daughter (Yohana Cobo). Things go from bad to worse by way of a dead body in the kitchen... Read more

Click - DVD
1.0 stars Click - DVD By Dan Hall

Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) is an over worked architect who is spending too much time at the office with his monster of a boss (David Hasselhoff) and not enough with his family. A spooky salesman called Morty (Christopher Walken) gives Sandler a “Universal... Read more

Sonic The Hedgehog - Xbox 360
1.0 stars Sonic The Hedgehog - Xbox 360 By Dan Hall

Once upon a time, the latest Sonic was as welcome as a Scarlet Johansson nude scene. We can but dream, eh? But since the series’ transformation to 3D, we’ve approached each new release with ever increasing caution. Gameboy and DS users have had it... Read more

Monster House - DVD
4.0 stars Monster House - DVD By Dan Hall

A boy called DJ (Michael Musso) lives across the street from Nebbercracker – the always excellent Steve Buscemi – a nasty old man whose truly scary house comes alive whenever anyone dares to walk on the front lawn. So it’s a bad idea to go trick... Read more

X-Men: The Last Stand - DVD
3.5 stars X-Men: The Last Stand - DVD By Dan Hall

The conclusion to Marvel’s hugely successful comic book trilogy (although a Wolverine spin-off is also in the offing) sees Magneto (McKellen) waging war on humanity after a government lab develops a so-called “cure” to the mutant gene. Meanwhile,... Read more

Silent Hill - DVD
1.0 stars Silent Hill - DVD By Dan Hall

Okay, we all probably remember getting scared playing the first episode of this horror game, but like so many before it, Hollywood has once again turned to videogames for inspiration, so does Silent Hill work as a movie? We get ready to hide behind the... Read more

Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction - DVD
2.0 stars Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction - DVD By Dan Hall

Thirteen years, and a lot of plastic surgery, on from her last murderous outing Sharon Stone returns as beaver-flashing psychopath Catherine Trammel. After fucking/butchering half of San Francisco she now satisfies her homicidal tendencies in London,... Read more

V For Vendetta - DVD
1.0 stars V For Vendetta - DVD By Dan Hall

Adapted by the Wachowski brothers (creators of "The Matrix") from Alan Moore's 1988 graphic novel, V For Vendetta is a piece of dystopian science fiction set in London in the not-too-distant future. V (Hugo Weaving) is a mysterious masked avenger fed... Read more