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Hitman Contracts - PC
3.5 stars Hitman Contracts - PC By Andy Lynn

Ten years ago Activision raised the standards for PC Gaming to console level in terms of presentation with the sublime classic Mechwarrior 2, paying particular Read more

Breed - PC
3.5 stars Breed - PC By Andy Lynn

Well well, it's finally here. Technical problems scuppered a planned preview of Breed last year and we applied the patch to the review copy before proceeding, Read more

Painkiller - PC
4.0 stars Painkiller - PC By Andy Lynn

Want a movie-style pitching line to sum up Painkiller? We'd called it “Serious Damned”. In fact it's a return to the good old days of Doom I and II Read more

Uru Ages Beyond Myst - PC
3.5 stars Uru Ages Beyond Myst - PC By Andy Lynn

True 3D is the major selling point to the latest in the Myst Series; you can play from the third person view (default) or switch to first person, although Read more

Royal Mail produces UK's first printable digital stamp
Royal Mail produces UK's first printable digital stamp By Andy Lynn

They were pioneered and introduced in America four years ago, but the digital stamp has now been released by Royal Mail for Britain. The principle is the Read more

UNREAL II XMP Multiplayer - PC
4.5 stars UNREAL II XMP Multiplayer - PC By Andy Lynn

Thanks to the desire to make an Xbox version and internal competition with the Digital Extremes, and Epic Megagames, Legend Entertainment created an eXpanded Read more

Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne - PC
4.0 stars Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne - PC By Andy Lynn

In the summer of 2002 you had to marvel at a game that sold almost a million at full console price, when it was a PC game- such was the loyalty commanded Read more

Unreal Tournament 2003 v2225 - PC
4.5 stars Unreal Tournament 2003 v2225 - PC By Andy Lynn

This game was released in 2002 and was the sequel to the winner of the last great multiplayer FPS shootout. So why look at it now, with constant updates Read more

Unreal II - PC
3.5 stars Unreal II - PC By Andy Lynn

Let's cut to the chase: Unreal II is Max Payne set in space. Both feature groundbreaking graphics for the time of release, both will hit you with some Read more

Tron 2.0 - PC
3.5 stars Tron 2.0 - PC By Andy Lynn

Tron is a classic 1982 movie about video gaming with music that could only (politely) be described as of the times. The game spawned two arcade machines Read more

Toca Race Driver - PC
4.0 stars Toca Race Driver - PC By Andy Lynn

TOCA. A classic PC driving game range from yesteryear, the last true PC entry being version two eight years ago. Aside from moving into Rally games this Read more

Postal 2 - PC
0.0 stars Postal 2 - PC By Andy Lynn

Like GTA, when the graphics weren't realistic due to technology, the original Postal was written off as a joke and not even the Daily Mail was as annoyed Read more

Day of Defeat - PC
3.5 stars Day of Defeat - PC By Andy Lynn

Another success story from the mod development community, Day Of Defeat is a hardcore WWII multiplayer FPS. Crafted from the engine of the best selling Read more

Colin McRae Rally 3 - PC
3.5 stars Colin McRae Rally 3 - PC By Andy Lynn

To be honest we could just leave up the headline, show you the screenshots and leave you to it. The second game was cutting edge at the time, both graphically Read more

Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings - PC
4.0 stars Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings - PC By Andy Lynn

This Microsoft-Published MMORPG's developed into community all its own, drawn in by the easy learning curve of the interface and the action. Go online Read more

Age of Mythology - PC
3.5 stars Age of Mythology - PC By Andy Lynn

The strap line reads, “a game that transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs Read more

Age Of Wonders Shadow Magic - PC
4.0 stars Age Of Wonders Shadow Magic - PC By Andy Lynn

Age Of Wonders Shadow Magic has the pattern of Rogue Spear and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. It's not quite a full-blown sequel but it's standalone and slightly Read more

Pinnacle MovieBox Studio USB
1.5 stars Pinnacle MovieBox Studio USB By Andy Lynn

In thousands of homes across the country sit mountains of videotapes, some with programmes you just haven't got around to watching yet, others with lovingly Read more

Netopia Cayman 3341 ADSL Modem
3.5 stars Netopia Cayman 3341 ADSL Modem By Andy Lynn

Netopia is best known for its Timbuktu Pro software remote control range in the UK, but has been branding ADSL modems for some time. The 3341's the basic, Read more

ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
4.0 stars ATI Radeon 9600 Pro By Andy Lynn

(Reference board tested with Catalyst 3.7 Drivers, 24-25 Frames per second is film/video speed) For the past two generations of Radeon card ATi has kicked Read more

Dell Axim X3 Wireless PDA
4.0 stars Dell Axim X3 Wireless PDA By Andy Lynn

November 11 2003 Dell is the direct PC king whose latest PDA range has been eagerly awaited by PDA enthusiasts. Like the X5 range Dell has ramped up a Read more

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - PC
4.5 stars Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - PC By Andy Lynn

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was the classic from Xmas 2001, darker and gorier than EA's bloodless Medal Of Honour Allied Assault, though both were derived Read more

Techno Ejay 4 - PC
3.0 stars Techno Ejay 4 - PC By Andy Lynn

We didn't get off to a good start with Techno Ejay 4: It crashed twice, once when searching for an automatic update, the second time for fun. We persevered Read more