Sony WH-1000XM5 review

The ever-popular WH-1000X is now in its fifth generation, with a new design and enhanced performance. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
Moving on from the design introduced in 2016, the 1000XM5s are sleeker, with fewer hard edges and a design that reduces wind noise. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
These headphones are all about noise cancellation, so you can listen to your music in peace - and the performance is outstanding. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
On top of excellent noise cancellation, these headphones also sound great, with excellent audio performance. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
There are 30 hours of battery life, recharged via USB-C, while there's support for a 3.5mm cable, too, so you can plug them in. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
To get the best from these headphones, there's LDAC support, which will enable hi-res audio wirelessly, but you'll need to connect to a compatible device. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The Sony WH-1000XM5 are a strong showing, continuing the excellent performance from this family of headphones. They come highly recommended. (image credit: Pocket-lint)