The Sennheiser LX 90s are the company's attempt at creating a stylish set of headphone without a price that will break the bank, has it succeeded? We take a get listening.

The first question we asked ourselves after getting them out the box, is how do I put them on. No, this is not the first set of headphone's we've ever reviewed here at Pocket-lint, but the simply fact that there is just one wire and it's curled up tightly.

The innovative holding system basically wraps over your head like an Alice band. While it's great for de-cluttering yourself with wires around your neck, anyone who is precious about their hair should stop reading now.

Once you've managed to get them on your head - we had to look at the diagram in the instructions, the headset is very light 15g and is comfortable to wear - the earphones plug into your ear from the front rather than looping over the back of your ear and Sennheiser has included a set of rubber buds for matching different ears.

The cord itself is 1.2m long and plugs into any device with a 3.5mm jack.

According to Sennheiser the LX 90s feature a specially tuned damping system that ensures detailed sound reproduction and in our tests for the price we were very impressed. The headphones aren't noise cancelling or anything, but still produced good quality sound on all our test tracks.


Sennheiser has tried to do something different with the age old design of the headphone here by introducing the over the head option.

While it offers a clutter free option for those who care about their hair or wear glasses this is likely to be a real turn off. If however you can get past that, the LX 90s are a very nice, and more importantly, affordable set of headphones that will improve any noise that you happen to feed them.