Sennheiser have set out to tackle the enduring problem of sport and music – how do you keep those headphones on your head, and do you make them sweat proof? Pocket-lint plugs in the LX70 version to find out.

The central premise to the LX70 headphones is that they are two ear buds, joined with a flexible “bit” in the middle. It doesn’t really have a name, it’s more than a wire, but less than a strap. The packaging blurb says “ultra-lightweight, flexible construction ensures a secure and comfortable fit”. We’re not convinced.

It’s difficult to figure out exactly how they should be placed. Obviously the ear buds go in the ear, but then where does the flexible bit go? Perhaps it was our head or ear size, but it didn’t work, the ear buds were uncomfortable, and didn’t fit properly.

Of course, fit is everything when it comes to sound quality. Being Sennheiser, you know these are good quality, and to be fair, the sound is good – however, to hear this sound clearly, we had to hold the ear buds in. As soon as they were released, they popped out and the tinny sound returned.

In the package you get a neat case to carry them in, as well as some different options for the ear buds – a change of plastic edging to make them bigger (we found they were already too big), or the more traditional foam. Neither option solved our problem, so we just assume that it’s a case of having the wrong size ears!

Again, the 1.2m cable comes out of one side of the headphones, and they come with a clip, so you can stop the cable bouncing whilst you exercise. The headphones reflect the funky green and grey of the rest of the sporty range, and are powered by the powerful neodymium magnets for quality sound.


Not a convincing offering this time, which is uncharacteristic from Sennheiser, although in practise this might work for some people, so if possible it would be good to try before you buy. For us, this was really a non-starter.