Sennheiser, famous for high quality cans and choice of DJs worldwide, offers a hands-free approach to chatting to your computer with this set of headphones and microphone built into one.

The fit is snug, looping behind the ears and over the back of the neck (not so good for those in spectacles), but generally comfortable, even for prolonged use. The single- sided long cable prevents you being literally tied to your desk, and the flex has a generous 3m length with in-line volume control and mic mute switch if you don't want others to hear every word or get feedback. It's equipped with 2 x 3.5mm jacks for PC sound cards and is compatible for use with CD, DVD and MP3 as well.

The quality of the uni-directional pick up from the microphone was good (frequency response: 80 - 15,000Hz impedance: ~2k?, sensitivity: -38dB) and an adequate length on the adjustable mic boom allows you to set the headset to fit the contours of your face better and provide a good quality recording, without the sound of it scratching stubble. Even better the unit features a noise cancelling microphone, which in our tests removed the majority of background noise including the softer keytaps making for a clear recording and live voice if your working with transcription software.


A more stylish entry into a rapidly growing genre, previously marred by call centre staff and nightclub bouncers. This unit is comfortable, but cheaper alternatives are available. Although it's worth the little extra if you like the ergonomic style of the rear wraparound headphones, there's the larger PC150s in the range to consider as well as Plantronics' major challenge from the bestselling Audio 60s.