(Pocket-lint) - The partnership with Sennheiser and adidas for its sports-range of headphones isn't brand new, but it's taken us until now to get a hand on the PMX 658i in-ears.

Sporty is the word. These flexi-band headphones will resist sweat, rain and wind, and all that other hardcore stuff you'll need to tackle through the winter months and beyond. They can even be washed under the tap to clean.


They're slim enough not to get in the way and at 16 grams are air-light too. The headband design helps them stay in position when moving around - not the usual constant pushing the earbuds in and out as they pop out under movement.

The classic adidas blue colour adds a kick of classic cool to the black and grey colour scheme. We reckon they look great though - attractive yet understated, and as they're built on a primary colour ought to go well with plenty of sports wear too.


Most importantly though is the sound. The fact that the PMX 658i in-ears actually stay in the ear is the key to this as it keeps the sound more "connected" and full, so you can just focus on your workout.

Looks, feels and sounds like the right mix to us.

Writing by Mike Lowe.