Skype and similar tools have has a great impact on how we use our PCs and the Internet, so much so that we all need to have headsets.

These stereo headphones from Philips are a cost-effective and compact way of adding a microphone and headphones without having to wear a large headset.

With a 2-metre cable, you’re in fear of getting tangled but you won’t have to hover over your notebook when using them. Instead of a single mini-jack, you’ll find two. The first slots into the headphone port, while the second is for the microphone.

The microphone can be found on the cable, which is a tidy idea and as it’s omni-directional you won’t want to use it when out and about but we used it in the home with clear results.

The earphones are small and rest in the ear nicely. You only get one pair of protective covers, which is mean on Philips side as they are easily lost or damaged.

The sound quality they offer, considering the price, is excellent. They don’t offer noise cancellation and you wouldn’t want to wear them when listening to music for too long but for chatting over Skype we found them more than acceptable.


There are more expensive combination mic/headphones packages available but as a low-cost alternative we were impressed with what the SHM3100 had to offer.