(Pocket-lint) - The partnering of Philips and O'Neill has resulted in a new baby. The latest headphones, known simply has The Crash, are the toughest headphones to date.

Pitched at those with an active lifestyle, The Crash headphones are designed to withstand pretty much anything you can throw at them. They've been tested with forces up to 1500kg - meaning you could drive over these cans and still use them. 

Making The Crash so hardcore are a couple of features. First, there's literally a hard core, a metal cabinet that protects the speaker drivers. Second, the TR90 headband can be twisted and stretched and will return to its original shape. 

Naturally, these are some pretty big headphones and although the main components are protected - such as the Kevlar-reinforced cable and reinforced plug - the pads and surface of the drivers would still be vulnerable.

But enough of the credentials. We got our hands on the new headphones at IFA 2012 to verify they did in fact like a bit of abuse. The Crash also offer two wearing modes, one for listening, and one for  draping around your neck, thanks to the adjusters on the headband.

There is also an in-line remote for your iPhone.

Philips O'Neill headphones don’t generally make it into UK stores, but if you're after tough headphones, it might be worth tracking them down.

Writing by Chris Hall.