If you're a bit of a sweaty-Betty (or a Betty Swollox, if you prefer), and you're forever having to replace your gym-headphones because of water damage, then Philips may have just the answer for you with its new ActionFit sports headphone range.

There are four variations in total, all of which are sweat proof, and it's even safe to give them a rinse under the tap after a particularly heavy session. The caps are also anti-microbial, so they should remain germ-free as well.

In terms of sound quality they apparently pack “thumping bass” and they also feature enhanced sound isolation tech too - so you don't have to listen to the fatty on the running machine next to you wheezing as they attempt to work off last night's pizza and cake.

You've got a choice between the over the ear Earhook model, which packs an iPhone remote control and extension cable; the Inear Sports model which is basically the Earhook sans-hook; the Neckband, which is exactly what it says on the tin; or the Bluetooth option which features a dual microphone for echo noise reduction.

Pocket-lint got a good look at the fitness-based buds at Philips' launch event, and we have to say that they all felt pretty robust, although we obviously didn't put them in our ears for hygiene reasons (although sharing ear-wax didn't seem to bother the tech hacks from a certain region that shall remain anonymous for the sake of race-relations).

We were also impressed with the variations of models on offer - fitness types should have no bother finding a pair that fits in with their workout regimes.

There's no price or release date details as of yet, but we'll let you know as soon as we hear anything.