It's not often we hardened tech hacks walk past a booth at CES and find ourselves overcome with desire, but the Parrot Zik by Starck has got us dribbling from the mouth this year.

The Zik by Starck was announced at CES last year, but we've not had a hands-on play with them until now. And what can we say, but, wow, and we want a pair. These headphones look stunning, and after a little listen we have to say the build quality, comfort and design is brilliant. Arguably better than 99 per cent of all the headphones we've ever worn.

parrot zik by starck pictures and hands on image 4

To get the best out of these headphones, you need to install an app on your smartphone. This allows you to make changes to how they sound, via the EQ and "concert hall" settings. There's also a battery meter here and a way to update the firmware. This is also how you switch the active noise cancellation on and off.

The headphones are controlled by touch too, which we think is all kinds of cool. Swiping your finger across the earpiece will forward to the next track, tapping will pause - as will taking the headphones off your head, and having them rest around your neck - and the volume can be adjusted by swiping up and down.

Sound quality was lovely too, and that was the point at which we felt the urge to plonk down the £300 or so that these headphones cost. They might have been announced a year ago, but our desire for them is just getting started.