(Pocket-lint) - Headsets just keep getting smaller and more complicated. Does the H375 headset from Motorola stand out from the crowd? We get calling to find out.

The H375 is all about talking and is squarely pitched at those who want a simple headset for handsfree calls. The headset is around about the size that is practical – any smaller and you risk losing it and it gets a bit fiddly.

In the box you get a choice of two ear cushions, which paired with the ear loop should mean that you can find an option that fits. The ear loop is removable, so can be reversed for left- or right-ear preference. The ear loop might irritate some, but does mean you are not just hoping that friction keeps it wedged in. If you don't like it, you can simply remove it.

The simple design means there is nothing to be offended about and equally, nothing to get over-excited about – it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Like many Bluetooth headsets, pairing with your phone is straightforward, and after that, you have to decode the selection of light flashes and button presses to get any joy from the thing. The 188 page manual details these, but don’t despair, only 10 pages are in English.

Control is centred around a call button, which is simple to use, but does depend on your paired phone’s setup. Two other buttons allow control over volume to ensure that you’re not blasted away by your mother-in-law.

One good feature, that some rivals don’t have, is a standard mini USB connector to power the device, so you may not need to take an extra charger with out on your travels.

In our tests, it was the good solid performance we’ve come to expect from Motorola, with no complaints about clarity of calls being made or received.

The battery will give you of 6 hours talk time, it will see you through most of the day, but you are likely to get ear fatigue if you do it in one go.


In summary it does what it says on the tin with no bells or whistles and there is little more to say. A good solid headset that is simple and easy to use. The price is a little on the high side and certainly you can find comparable products for less.

Writing by Chris Hall.