(Pocket-lint) - Nokia pulled the covers off their partnership with Monster in a packed keynote at the opening of Nokia World 2011 in London. Pocket-lint was in the house to put their new headphones through a little on-ear and in-ear action.

The result is two models of headphone exclusive to Nokia. The first is an on-ear set, the catchily-named Purity HD Stereo Headset, which gives you a folding set of Monster headphones.

The squared design sets them apart from the most famous of Monster headphones, the Beats by Dr Dre range. They feature a detachable tangle free cable with in-line controller and in our tests on the show floor, they proved to be really comfortable.


Swapping the limited music selection on the demo Nokia Lumia 800 demo device, we plugged the Purity HD Stereo Headset into our iPhone 4S and put it to task on some bass heavy tracks, with which it coped admirably.

We also found that they provided a respectable level of noise isolation, cutting out the hubbub of show floor to let our tunes through.

The second set on offer are the in-ear variant, the Purity Stereo Headset. These feature an in-line controller and colour coordinated silicone tips so you can get the right size for your lugholes.

Again, they offer great quality and come with the added benefit of being branded with both the Nokia and Monster logos, in case there is any doubt of what they are.


Both Nokia Monster headsets come in matching colours for your phone, which basically means pink, black and blue to match your new Nokia Lumia 800, or even your Nokia N9.

However, both will be sold as accessory headsets, so you won't be finding these in the box as you might with the HTC Sensation XE and its urBeats headset. You'll have to fork out around €200 (no UK pricing at the moment) for the on-ear headset, at which point you might as well by a set of Solo Beats and cash-in on the street cred.

If Purity is what you are looking for, they have their own website too

Writing by Chris Hall.