(Pocket-lint) - You may have read on Pocket-lint about the launch of the Monster iSport in-ear headphones. And, with us managing to get hold of one of the first pairs to hit UK shores, we thought it was only right to give them a quick going over.

And let us tell you, it was hell. Not the iSport headphones - no, the fact that we had to do a bit of exercise. For the iSport range, as you'd probably gathered from the name, is designed with fitness types in mind. So with that we put them in our ears and went for a run.

We ran all the way to the kebab shop, would you believe (at least 600m), and we can confirm that they are not only sweat-proof, but wash-proof as well. We asked Ali to run them under the tap whilst he crisped up our doner and we caught our breath.

During our run, they stayed nicely in place as well, thanks to the patented in-ear clip design that is designed to fit nicely with your ear's inner curve, rather than fixing over the top. It's a bit awkward getting them in the first time, but once you've cracked it, it's a doddle. The iSport also comes with a load of buds and clips of all manner of shapes and sizes - so you're bound to find a pair that fit.

Music quality is good, too, thanks to a tight audio seal to keep your tunes locked up in your ear and there's also noise isolation, which seemed to do the job.

Controlling playback on your phone is easy, as the iSport have Monster's ControlTalk function that works particularly well with Apple devices. With iThings it'll not only let you answer and make calls, but also give you media controls as well.

Out now, the Monster iSport in-ear earphones cost £130.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.