Logitech keen to monopolise on the euphoria surrounding the PlayStation Portable (PSP) has launched a set of headphones dedicated to the handheld console. Can they be any good and what makes them special to the PSP? We put them on and find out.

In life you can't have your cake and eat it and the same is apparent here. While the headphones sound terrific thanks to the 30mm neodymium drivers that are highly responsive and really enhance the audio of the console and the games you play, we found them excruciatingly uncomfortable to wear.

Logitech say the set is designed to be "durable and water-resistant to resist wear and tear, rain and sweat"

That might be the case, but if it wasn't the rubber bands that hang off your ear it was the rigid plastic wraparound frame that dug into the back of our neck.

Couple that with a design that doesn't remotely fit in with the style of the console and you've got an annoying mix.


It’s a shame, because had the styling and the comfort been any good we would have spent the last 150 words waxing lyrically about why you should go out and get yourself a pair.

Even at 15 quid you are better off either sticking with the set provided in the box by Sony or looking elsewhere - such as Sennheiser or Byerdynamic who have been doing great headphones for years. Even Sony’s own hi-fi ranges totally unconnected to the console are better than these and the comfort and design angle was already addressed. If you really must have them make sure you try them first so you don't suffer the same problems we have.