(Pocket-lint) - Logitech's wireless range has been incredibly popular - perhaps even the first choice in non-standard peripherals - and their emergence into the mobile phone accessory market with the Mobile Bluetooth Headset follows the trend. The design is eye-catchingly good - smooth lines and a refined finesse. Everything looks right, and feels right. You can work this from any Bluetooth phone, however for purposes of this review we used the Sony Ericsson T68i.

In the box you get the mobile headset and a neat storage case which doubles as the charger when used with the accompanying power supply. Before use, you have the charge the headset, so let's start with that. The case/charger has a 'spaceage' look about it. Whilst the headset sits neatly in it and looks great, you need the charger and the case when on the move. This isn't ideal if you want to travel light although Logitech do suggest that the headset can go 7 hours between charges.

The headset is light and clipping it to your ear is simple and relatively secure - the headset/ear 'interface' can adjust in a number of directions, so if you have ears like the BFG, it should still fit. The boom microphone can also swivel to the optimum position. Once you have stuck to the side of your face, you have some basic controls - a volume control, and a dubious multi-function button, that turns it on, answers a call, ends a call, and if supported, activates voice dialling.

Talking is normal, and much better than the BodyGlove headset. It is almost no different from using the phone, only you look like something out of Star Trek. As far as the caller is concerned, they have no idea you are using a handsfree headset - the voice quality is as it would be using the phone itself, which these days, is very good. The mic picks up the voice and has the ubiquitous noise-cancelling technology. It's no different to using a cabled or mobile phone, except it isn't in your hand, which is the point. Because it works via Bluetooth and not wireless the phone can be up to 10 metres away - useful for strolling around the house or your office. There is little more to say about the functionality - 'it does what it says on the tin', and does it with no problems.


It's all about functionality to price - the product's performance and design is great. At £80 this is still the budget end of the Bluetooth headset market offering good value for money. With more and more emphasis on the dangers of not using a handsfree option when in the car, this allows you to do that, then take it out of the car, still be wire and handsfree and retain some style while continuing the call.

Writing by Chris Hall.