With laws imminent on not being able to drive your car and use a mobile phone at the same time, making sure you are still in contact with the world comes down to two options:

The first is to have an expensive hands-free in car kit installed that allows you to chat away to your hearts content. The other, which is considerably cheaper, is that you invest in a hands-free device that doesn't rely on your being anywhere near a car. Logitech famous for its mice, keyboards and gaming devices are expanding into the world of mobile communications.

The “Mobile Over Ear” hands-free kit is exactly what it suggests. A hands free device that fits over your right ear. Styled to look like a musical bass clef symbol, the device clamps around the rear of your ear and fits snugly into place.

Some 8cm further down the cable, you have the microphone and multifunctional end/mute/answer button housed in a small blue case. The location of the housing is while great for picking up your voice clearly somewhat of a pain when it comes to pressing the button as its slightly above you eye-line when looking down, however you can see clearly why Logitech have positioned it where they have. The result is that unlike some hands-free kits you can speak clearly into the device without the need to shout and likewise (due to a large speaker positioned directly over your ear) hearing people on the other end isn't a problem either.

Currently the Mobile Over Ear headset supports most models from Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens Motorola, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Kyocera phones.


While the over ear bracket meant that there was little to no movement in the device the snug fit did start to irritate after a short while - the same way some wrap around glasses do such as the Ray Band Aviators - and this combined with the one sided ear mount may put people off if you can get passed this though this is a good alternative to the mobile phone branded hands-free sets.