(Pocket-lint) - We are all different, some of us are taller, some shorter, others have earlobes while some don't. Most believe this is what makes people interesting. To a manufacturer of mobile hands-free headsets however, this difference can be a pain.

Logitech thinks it's solved the eternal problem. Not unfortunately with one all- encompassing device, but by providing four soft, interchangeable “FlexLoop cushions” that come in different sizes to fit comfortably in any ear.

What was that I heard you cry? Basically, there are four different mouldings made from some squiggly rubber that you can plonk in your eye to make for a good fit. Once you've fitted the correct rubber (stop sniggering at the back) you'll find it doesn't move when in your ear.

Like Logitech's other models some 8cm further down the cable you have the microphone and multifunctional end/mute/answer button housed in a small blue case. The location of the housing is while great for picking up your voice clearly somewhat of a pain when it comes to pressing the button as its slightly above you eye-line when looking down, however you can see clearly why Logitech placed it there. The result is that unlike some hand-free kits you can speak clearly into the device without the need to shout and likewise (due to a large speaker positioned directly over your ear) hearing people on the other end isn't a problem either.

Strangely a clip for attaching to a coat jacket or shirt is not present, however the device does come with a what is described as a carry case, but is more akin to a posh bit of card that you normally would wrap string or wool around.

Currently the Mobile Earbud Premium headset supports most models from Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens Motorola, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Kyocera phones.


With a choice of ear fitting you are bound to find one that fits you whether it's left or right side. That combined with a clear speaker and voice options makes this a good, cheap buy. All that we feel is missing is a volume control, but then at £15 you can't have everything.

Writing by Stuart Miles.