Jabra has launched yet another Bluetooth headset promising "extreme comfort" but can the headset beat off the competition? We get calling to find out.

The Jabra BT2020 has the same ergonomic design as the Jabra BT250v but features the latest Bluetooth technology and promises enhanced audio transmission, making for "crystal clear" conversations.

On the features side the Jabra BT2020 has intuitive operational functionalities, including auto-pairing, call answering and end capabilities and voice dialing.

Tech specs include the newer Bluetooth 2.0 technology that means you'll be able to use for music via your mobile phone and EDR and eSCO deliver superior sound clarity. Battery life is also an impresive 8 hours talk time and 360 hours standby time.

So what's it like to use?

The good points are that it is very lightweight and ergonomically friendly. It is also very easy to slip on and over your ear if you forgot to put it on before you start driving.

In our tests we also found it very comfortable out of the car and in an office environment with no one really noticing we had it on thanks to the design. Rather than have everything out front and on display, the battery and main mechanism is tucked behind your ear.

We found it easy to use and very simple in it's functionality - plug in, charge for 2 hours and you're off. There are, as you might expect, a selection of ear pieces available to choose to fit the size of your earhole.

However, although there are a selection of ear pieces, the headset itself is not adjustable, nor suitable for those who wear glasses.

Overall marking and feedback is also poor. Feedback via lights was non existent with no light to tell you whether it is still on or not, and this is made worse by there being only two buttons, both not clearly/traditionally marked. The dual function switch on button looks like a headset symbol and volume button looks like a speaker symbol. Very confusing.

As for the build quality, on the whole its good, however the cover over the charger socket on the headset is very flimsy and we wouldn't imagine it would last long.


Overall the Jabra BT2020 is a good, certainly for the price, but not great Bluetooth headset that is fairly comfortable to wear but not suitable for glass wearing callers

As for the sound quality it was as good as any other Bluetooth headset we have tried recently.