(Pocket-lint) - Bluetooth headsets have two main functions for us. The first is to allow you to make and receive calls with ease the second is to make sure it doesn't fall out of your ear at the first sign of any movement.

Luckily for the Jabra JX10 it manages to do both of these and at a touch of class to the process at the same time.

Small and compact, Jabra has concentrated on making sure the headset looks good bolted to the side of your head as well as when its charging on your desk.

The unit snugly sits into the heavy weighted stand to charge and if it wasn't for the detachable ear strap getting in the way when it came to docking it, it might be a perfect story, as it is you have to take this off which no doubt will only end in you eventually losing it when you need it the most.

Get past this small gripe and the small headset is light and comfortable to wear, weighing in at just under 10 grams. In reality this means that you're likely to forget wearing it, while women will be able to comfortably hide it under long hair without looking like some Star Trek extra.

Pairing, like the unit's operation, is easy and in the case of the pairing, it is just one press of a button. Additionally the unit's buttons, while not overpowering in the design offer volume control, call answer and drop as well as last number redial among their array of commands.

For those on the road, the Jabra comes with a USB cable for charging, although with a promise of 200 hours on standby and a further 6 hours of talk time we struggled in our tests to go long enough away from our desk to need it. Still it's nice to see that Jabra aren't expecting you to take that heavy charging stand around with you wherever you go.


Overall the Jabra JX10 performed well and it's certainly a good choice for those looking to keep a certain air of credibility about them without looking like they are off to a sci-fi convention.

There are probably better headsets out there that offer clearer sound technology however none look as cool.

Writing by Stuart Miles.