(Pocket-lint) - Jabra has worked with sports professionals to create wireless sports headphones that cater for every active need. With built-in radio, locked in comfort, a resistant body and wireless connections they're spot on for sport.

While we couldn't test them too vigourlously, nor sweat on them to a challenging level while at IFA, they did impress. The basic shape has been seen before but these sit comfortably over the ear without too much weight in spite of packing in Bluetooth connectivity and a built-in radio.

Yup, if you want to wear your teeny tiny running shorts and leave the mobile at home but keep music close, you can. And a simple tap of the lead button changes stations you've programmed in.

When connected to your mobile the multifunction button also lets you hear pace or distance covered at a touch when paired with your Endomondo app. The volume controls are also easy to access and the entire body feels rugged enough to live up to its US military standard dustproof, rainproof, and shockproof claims.

Back to comfort. It's little touches that show Jabra has spent plenty of time developing the Sports Wireless+ headphones. The strap at the back has a small plastic clip, called Fitclip, that allows you to tighten any slack against your head so it's not bouncing away on your neck. This doubles as a means to get them on really tight if you're planning to go extreme. But with plenty of different ear gels included for different ear shapes, you should have them on and fixed in without much worry.

The headphones come with a free three-month Endomondo Premium subscription, work with two devices at once, and will allow you to take calls while on the go.

The look, feel, and design of these headphones have us gagging to take them out on the road - check back for our full review soon.

Writing by Luke Edwards.