(Pocket-lint) - The gaming headset market has been growing rapidly of late. Thanks to the proliferation of multiplayer online game experiences, players are ditching the flimsy earpieces that tend to come with their consoles and taking up beefy cans instead.

So it comes as no surprise that Electronic Arts - one of the biggest games publishers in the Western world - wants a slice of the pie, and its collaboration with Monster has borne rather interesting fruit.

The EA Sports MVP Carbon by Monster is a headset that's finely tuned to enhance the audio field of action and sports games. It is pretty much compatible with every gaming system out there, including PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and the latest addition to the bunch, the Wii U.


In the hand, they are extremely sturdy - not surprising, considering they are a premium set of cans at $269.99 - but we like the way they can also flex and twist. You won't have to worry about breaking them if you fling them in your backpack to take them from location to location.

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The ear cups are soft enough to be comfortable for long periods - which is just as well as we tend to get completely stuck in when playing in a FIFA tournament, you may not see us for days sometimes. And the microphone is detachable so that you can use them as conventional headphones if you wish.

Where we're most impressed, however, is with the MVP Carbon headset's ability to render fine details as well as bombastic soundscapes. There's no point in a heavy bass line if you're hoping to use your ears to detect an enemy lurking around a corner.


The spatial control is impressive too, creating a decent stab at virtual surround sound. They can also maintain integrity at meatier volume levels.

That's what we got from our demo with the headset - which took in some FIFA, Medal of Honor, Need for Speed Most Wanted and other EA Games. We'll bring you more when we review them in the next month or two.

The EA Sports MVP Carbon by Monster comes in two colours, white and black, and will be available in the US at least in February. We're still waiting to hear on UK availability and price.

Writing by Rik Henderson.