You've got your new iPod or MP3 player, loaded up some songs and embraced the digital life, trouble is, it probably isn't sounding as good as you hoped.

Before you box up your Creative Zen Vision or your SanDisk Sansa you might want to check to see if it’s the headphones.

Manufacturers large and small are renowned for shipping low quality headphones in the box, not only to help cut costs, but also to encourage you to buy new, improved upgraded versions.

In steps Creative's EP-635s, an entry-level in-ear companion to all personal audio players.

Available in white with a rope neck strap that is most likely going to get dirty in days rather than weeks, the 'phones offer a noticeable improvement over those shipped in the box.

Like Creative's more expensive Aurvanas, the EP-365s come with three rubber earbuds to filter out external noise (well to some extent) and you can choose which bud best fits your ear to get top performance.


Compared to the company's more expensive Aurvana's the EP-365s perform exceptionally well with the tracks we tested them with.

Priced at £29.99, the phones produce a good sound if not a little flat in the bass department but still managed to cope with Moloko's Flipside track and all The Killers and Kooks we could throw at them.

If you are looking to upgrade your earphones, but don't want to spend hundreds doing so then this is a nice pair to look at, our only grumble? That rope neck strap thing.