Bose QuietComfort 45 review: Top travel headphones

One established QuietComfort feature is the folding design and included carry case - present and correct with the QC45. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The active noise-cancelling (ANC) is always on when connected wirelessly. You don't even need to connect a source if you just want to drown the outside world. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
There's no touch controls here, it's very much hands-on, with volume up/down and play/pause/skip handled by buttons. But the middle one is poorly positioned. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
Finally the QuietComfort range adopts USB-C for charging. It supports faster charging too, so 15 minutes at the plug equates to 3 hours listening time. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
The ANC 'Action' button toggles between 'Quiet' (i.e. on) and 'Aware' (i.e. passthrough) - those are the only two modes available. (image credit: Pocket-lint)
Great comfort, super sound, spectacular ANC. Ideal travel headphones. The only thingnot to love is the competition - which has got stronger over the years. (image credit: Pocket-lint)