(Pocket-lint) - Atomic Floyd have been on Pocket-lint's radar for a good while now, with the older generation TwistJax headphones leaving us suitably impressed.

The company has a reputation for turning out high quality metal in ear headphones that provide a thoroughly bassy sound. With the SuperDarts, Atomic Floyd has put all its audio knowledge and build quality expertise into one flagship cutting edge package. 

The earphones are designed to be as detailed, balanced and clean sounding as possible, with a pair of drivers in each and as much technology as Atomic Floyd could cram in. The cables are kevlar wrapped and the mic and controller has been redesigned and downsized to stop it slapping against you, or your clothes, when you walk or run. The result is a set of earphones that are as about as good as it gets for the price.


The difference between this £200 pair of SuperDarts and say a entry level set of competition earphones for £50 is so great, that we can't see many who try them ever wanting to go back. The Atomic Floyd's inject so much life into songs, bringing incredible amounts of detail to the highs of a track, whilst backing everything up with plentiful bass. The difference this time round is that the SuperDarts, unlike some of Atomic Floyd's other headphones, are perfectly balanced. 

They are also designed in an incredibly logical way, which is very rare for headphones and earphones. Normally companies try and innovate or sell mp3 player accessories with bizarre twists, like waterproofing or strange earphone shapes. These usually result in unnecessary complications in a product that is fundamentally designed to send music to your ears.


Everything however on the SuperDarts acts to compliment them as earphones. The metal construction means they are incredibly tough, so you can carry them about in your bag or pocket without worry and the redesigned cable ends stops the headphones doing the usual connections break after a few months.

Best of all however are the silicon tipped earbuds, which had previously had issues popping off and being easily lost. There is now a lip which holds the earbuds on and stops you losing them. They also gradually seem to adjust to the shape of your ears, meaning about three weeks of listening and the earphones will be sitting clean in your ear, blocking out just about all of the outside world. 


Included in the SuperDarts package is not only some of the sweetest packaging we have ever seen, but a decent set of accessories to help you get the most out of the earphones. You get a 3.5mm to 6.5mm jack, a complete set of silicon tips and a redesigned headphone case. Finally there is a splitter for using the headphones on the plane. 

The last thing we are going to mention about the SuperDarts, and one of their only faults, is that they do tend to look slightly ridiculous when sitting in your ears. We will admit that Pocket-lint does have an exceptionally small set of lugholes, so the big metal earphones might have only looked out of place on us. Some might like having two big blobs of metal sticking out of their ears but personally we don't.


All-in-all the SuperDarts are one seriously exciting audio package. Atomic Floyd has listened to what people found wrong with previous earphones, put its thinking cap on and produced something that addresses just about every issue. The result is some of the best sounding and best designed headphones we have used for the price. 

Some might not be willing to pay £200 for a set of earphones but if you are in the market for some juicy audio quality to enjoy, then the SuperDarts are most definitely a safe bet. 

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.