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(Pocket-lint) - A decent pair of in-ear bud ‘phones would be our weapon of choice for portable music players and mobile phones, but if you’re enjoying tunes in the home or playing games, you can’t beat a set of over-ear cans.

Teufel has just launched a set at this market and aims to offer a mix of versatility and quality in the AC 9050 PH for anyone from professional DJs to casual gamers. They certainly look the part, and while they sport what is arguably a ‘love it or hate it’ design, we actually really liked the rather hard-lined, ‘functional’ appearance.

A padded head-support and padded cups, along with adjustable earpieces, means that they are very comfortable to wear for extended periods and the whole setup folds neatly together to make them more compact for carrying around. Rather than wiring an audio cable up directly to one of the cans, Teufel has opted for a removable jack approach to cut down on weak points caused by fitted cables being tugged out of position. A spiral and straight-wired cable are supplied, each of which has gold-plated connectors and a 6.3mm adaptor (which screws neatly onto the end of any of these) is also provided. There’s even a leather carry-case to keep them from getting scratched or scuffed, all of which culminates in an extremely tidy setup.

Perhaps the biggest strength of the 9050s is their versatility. A high sensitivity means they’re equally at home with relatively quiet portable players but we can see most people using this with a fixed setup, be it a computer or home stereo system. The fact that they’re so comfortable to wear for extended periods means they’re great for gaming, where a well-rounded sound environment and distinct bass, along with the fact that they’re pretty capable at cutting out background noise, helps to generate a superb atmosphere in the latest titles.

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We were also impressed by how well it keeps mid- and high-tones separate from what can occasionally be rather overwhelming bass in most cases. It is worth mentioning here that those considering them for professional use will notice that low-tones can affect the clarity of tunes that are bass-heavy, but despite Teufel’s claims we can’t see this being a big market. Those looking for a tidy set of over-ear cans for home use though will be extremely impressed, particularly when you take a look at the price.


We think Teufel is reaching a little in suggesting that the AC 9050s are good enough for high-end or professional use, but this aside they can barely be faulted. These are a comfortable, well built set of headphones that would be perfect for gaming or enjoying music in the home. For a set of headphones that looks this good, performs this well and pays such attention to quality in the build and accessories provided, £64 is quite simply a bargain.

Writing by Paul Lester.