(Pocket-lint) - Replug promises to stop the supposed age old problem of you accidentally ripping your headphones out of your music player, but does it work? We got yanking to find out.

One for the MP3 player fan, Replug is a small dongle that you attach to the end of your headphones that promises to save you breaking your MP3 player or laptop if you accidentally rip out your headphones because they've got caught on something.

It's something that I've experienced with my laptop (I now have a MacBook Pro complete with magnetic power cord so this doesn't happen anymore) but nothing in my 20 odd years of headphone listening.

Still, the idea is that the small dongle connects to your headphone jack and then plugs into your audio device. Rather than use magnets, Replug offers a snapable connection that can be easily snapped back into place if you yank it apart.

Coming in a number of different guises, even with a longer jack to fit the iPhone, the Replug solves a problem that will only have ever affected a small number of music listeners.

The idea is simple and for the most part in our tests effective, but this is really one of the gadgets that we can't see you actually needing.


If you are one of those people that is always finding themselves ripping their audio cable out of their iPod or portable CD player and worried that next time you'll probably break them, then this could be the gadget for you.

For the rest of us (all 99.9%) then this is one gadget that you'll probably never need.

Writing by Stuart Miles.