Doro is a Swedish company hoping to break into the UK. Chances are you've never heard of them though, so can the multimedia stereo headset it makes really impress? We get listening to find out.

The hs210pc is a large headset complete with padded ear cups, an adjustable boom complete with microphone and a volume dial on the side.

On the design side, the headset is pretty non-descript, coming in a dull black and sliver. Everything is padded, but it's not the most comfortable of padding.

The volume switch, found on the outside left ear cup is big, basic, but gets the job done. It's easy to find, but nothing to write home about.

The hs910pc comes with 1.8m of cable as well as coming with headphone and microphone 3.5mm jacks the hs210pc also comes with a third that you connect to your PC speakers.

It's here that Doro is hoping to stand out from the crowd. The third socket, which you attach to your speakers works in connection with a sensor that automatically mutes or channels the sound to your PC or home stereo speakers when you take the headset off your head.

It's a clever idea, but with most PC speakers coming with a headphone out socket that that won't be used by many people.

As for the sound, the Doro hs210pc are okay, but not spectacular and certainly no match for Sennhesier's range of gaming headsets.


Pinning all its hopes on a gimmick was never going to work and there is nothing here to rescue the headset from being beaten by its competitors left, right and centre.

An average design and an average sound mean the Doro hs210pc won't get anything other than an average score from us.