The Aliph headset promises to eliminate virtually all background noise so calls are clearer, but does it really work? We get making calls to find out.

Using technology originally created for DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to enhance communications in the most hostile and rugged environments the Jawbone technology includes an intelligent system of sensors and software, which continuously adjusts-at a rate of 500 times per second-to improve audio quality based on what it knows about the environment.

Sounds impressive, and in practice luckily all "that" army tech works as its one of the best headsets we've tried this year.

In our tests in a number of different environments - read supermarket, car, home, office, street, pub ... voice calls where clear and crisp, while not one person we called or answered a call from realised that we were on a headset.

As for pairing, this was like other headsets on the market - simple and easy to do.

Normally when these things work really well they don't look so good. Luckily that's not the case here. The jawbone, which is available in black, silver, and red has a stylish design with a perforated shield that curves to match the outline of the face and weighs 14 grams so it's not too heavy either.

As for charging, there are a number of ways in the box that this can be done including a USB charger for business travellers to save them having to take the AC adapter with them too boot. A nice touch.


There isn't much to say about the Jawbone as it just gets on with the job at hand, i.e., allowing you to have your handsfree.

Top marks.