There are earphones then there are serious earphones and the Q-Jay Dual Micro certainly fall into the latter category. Before you even get to use the earphones you’ll be impressed with what’s on offer.

The packaging is great, as you’ll find a wide range of different sizes of ear-buds, so finding the best ones to suit you easier. Then there are a two extension cables - one with a straight plug, the other with an angled one - and even a leather wallet to store the earphones when you’re not using them. To be fair, the wallet is a little on the small side and certainly doesn’t allow you to carry anything but the essential.

The earphones are billed as the world’s smallest dual armature earphones, and look and feel fantastic. Made with a PVC shell but coming with a Kevlar inner coating and feel light once inserted in the ears. Being noise-cancellation earphones, it’s important to get the right buds as you need to push them deep into your ear canal.

If there is one problem with the design it’s the rather flimsy cable, which doesn’t feel that durable and the rather bulky jack splitter.

When it comes to sound quality you can really hear the technology at its best. We found they didn’t work at their best at low volume but once you start to pump up the volume the sound is clear and not too bassy with plenty of mid-range.


If you’re serious about having the best sound quality available for your MP3 player and don’t mind the asking price, the Q-Jays Dual Micro earphones offer great performance but there are more cost-effective headsets out there.