So you've bought that spunky new case for your iPod. You know the one that I mean, the one that looks like a World War II tank, or perhaps the one that's made it look like a rubberised toy.

But wait, what's that I hear? It won't fit in your iPod speakers or your docking station without you having to labouriously take the case off every time?

In steps the SendStation Dock Extender for iPod, a simple device that does exactly what it suggests in the title, extends your docking socket beyond that of the case so you can still plug it in.

According to SendStation "No matter what case you own, SendStation’s Dock Extender has been designed to fit it" and we couldn't find one that it wouldn't work with in the vaults of the Pocket-lint review cupboard.

Simple and effective it doesn't do much, but what it has been designed to do it fulfills.


It's not sexy, not complicated, and it won't help you pull down the pub, but if you are fed up with having to take your case off every time you want to connect your iPod to your speakers or docking station - this might just be the gadget for you.