Nobody likes getting their earphones in a tangle, and SendStation thinks it has the answer to your earphone issues.

Called the earBuddy, it's a carrying case for those white iPod earbuds that promises to not only keep your iPod earphones twist free, but also safe from knocks and bashes.

The compact case (about the size of a jewellery box) has been designed specifically with the iPod earbuds in mind, but can hold many other earbuds as well.

We tried them with a pair of Creative "in the box" headphones as well as some from Shure, while the Creative fitted perfectly, the Shure's didn't due to the size.

Coated with ballistic nylon and built to withstand 90kg (200lbs) of force (we jumped up and down on it repeatedly and it wasn't affected), the earBuddy is a tough little bugger.

The ABS frame on the inside lets you wind up the cable and store everything simply and safely and a zip, although no lock, keeps them from falling out. There is also a keyring fob so you can attach it to a bag or your keys, although the later means you'll have a very large bulge in your pocket. .


If you are looking for protection and a tangle free life the eBuddy does what it says on the tin - protects your earphones and stops them from getting twisted up.