(Pocket-lint) - 1More is a relatively new headphone brand to the UK. The team sitting at the top used to work for Foxconn, so are well resourced and have a good knowledge of the consumer electronics market. The company has a heavy presence in Taiwan and is now making strides across the pond in the US too.

We've been using the 1More C1002 in-ears to see whether this fledgeling brand can cut it against a wave of established competition.

1More C1002 review: Design

  • Magnetic earpieces for storage
  • Four tips included for comfort
  • Travel case included

The 1More C1002 in-ears are incredibly light, sporting a slightly more unusual pill-shaped design that sees them sit flush in your ear, rather than protrude like many other pairs.

It's a smart, clean design, which coupled with lightweight build makes them incredibly comfortable to wear. The earpieces have magnets on either end too, which means they can connect together if you take them out and hang them around your neck.


The cable from plug to splitter is fabric, which makes it very hard to tangle. It changes to silicone from the splitter to earpieces, which is good for durability. There's a three-button in-line control module with a built-in microphone for hands-free calls too. The controls work with both iOS and Android devices. 

The earpieces have a dynamic driver with a triple layer diaphragm inside, which claims to increase response time and definition of the bass and mid-range.

1More C1002 review: Sound quality

  • 20 - 40,000Hz response
  • Dual drivers

When we first put the C1002s in our ears and played some music, we immediately had to turn the volume down as they were simply too bright. Even after several hours to let them run in, we found ourselves not wanting to hit the top volume level due to the high-end frequencies.

Having said that, the mid-range and low-end frequencies fare much better, making for a better listen at lower volumes. The mid-range is clear and concise and doesn't find itself jostling for position against the decent bass weight on offer.


We would still like a little more grunt from the low-end. We did change the silicone ear tips to a pair that gave a tighter seal in the ear canal, which did make a difference in bass delivery, but we still found ourselves wanting a little more of that (and less top-end).

We also felt the C1002 didn't pick out all aspects of the tracks we listened to and, if they did, they weren't always impactful as some competitors. They're not quite as exciting or engaging as other pairs we've listened to.


The 1More C1002 in-ears are a well designed pair of headphones, there's no denying it. They're incredibly comfortable and the included silicone jackets for the earpieces will also help hold them in place if, for example, you want to go for a run without them popping out of your ears.

However, we feel there are some more accomplished performers out there. The level of brightness is a bit too dramatic for our tastes and that balance leads to a lack of depth compared to some alternatives.

We can see the potential: 1More has got design spot on in the C1002, but we can't say the same about audio balance unless low-volume listening without big bass is more your thing.

Writing by Max Langridge.