Gioteck is at E3 2015 in Los Angeles, where it has unveiled a new range of headsets called the FL Series.

Pocket-lint got a chance to see some of the headsets within the range in person at the show. We were told the different models on display weren't the actual finished designs that will be shipping in August, as Gioteck is still tweaking things even now, but nevertheless, we got to touch and try the current samples and felt impressed with the feature sets available at such affordable price points.

The FL Series consists of the FL100 (£19 basic wired mono headset), FL200, FL300, and FL400. Although three latter two headsets are considered the more premium models, all the FL headsets feature handy on-ear controls (which includes volume dials and a mic mute switch, so gamers can adjust audio and voice sounds while their playing). All the headsets also have a flexible mic on the left ear cup.

We only played with the FL200 and FL400. The FL200 is a wired stereo headset, but the speaker cups also have external-sound capability. Other notable features include a retractable flexible mic with mute LED status, 180-degree rotating ear cups that internally fold inward, and comfy materials like open cell-ear foam on the cups and an adjustable silicon headband.


The FL200 is also universal and therefore compatible with the PS4, Xbox, PC, Mac, and mobile devices. It'll be available in the colours black, blue, and green when it officially launches in August for £49.99. We think this is a practical headset option for amateur gamers who want a very lightweight peripheral with soft materials, though we only used them for a moment.

We honestly don't think they'll cause your ears to sweat or hurt after hours of wear, and the sound that they emitted while at the loud and noisy show at E3 seemed pretty crisp and powerful to us. So, for £50, the FL200 is a definitely a decent starter headset for gamers. All that said, we liked the FL400 a lot more, mostly because they're wireless, Bluetooth compatible and have removable ear cups.


You can detach the earcups, which are also 2.4GHZ compatible, and then amplify sound from them, meaning the headset can actually double as stereo desktop speakers. It also has a RF dongle for RF wireless to the PS4. Apart from that, the FL400, which only has a blue accent, has all the same specs as the FL200 and will only cost £80 more when it ships in August. It's even compatible with all the same devices.

Just like the FL400, Gioteck told us the £59 FL300 (has no RF dongle) also features fully-detachable ear cups, doubling up as Bluetooth wireless speakers. Just disconnect the ear cups from the headband and connect them together through the included audio jack cable. Each speaker has an on/select button that you to toggled between internal audio to external speakers. The speakers also connect to mobile devices.


We think the FL Series of headsets is all about being multi-functional. They're ideal for when you want one headset to use across gaming, music, movies, and media. And the Bluetooth functionality makes them truly mobile, though if you want to stay chained to your desk, you can use the FL300 and FL400 as desktop speakers. And for a price range that goes between £19 and £129, you can't go too wrong.

Oh, and one more thing, Gioteck showed us the £29 LP-01 as well.


It's a Bluetooth chat headset for PS4 and PS3 and mobile devices. It features a reversible ear hook, noise-isolating microphone, and on-ear controls like on/off, volume up/down, mute, answer/end call. It's also available in the colours red, blue, and black. Similar to the FL Series, it feels as though it weighs almost nothing. Unfortunately, we didn't test the sound, so we can't comment on that.