(Pocket-lint) - Totally wireless in-ear buds. We've wanted to see these, working well, for years and finally they're here. Ok there's a wire to stop you losing them, but this is as close as it's going to get.

The first thing we thought when looking at these tiny in-ears was, how can they possibly last long with such tiny batteries. The answer is a pouch which delivers up to 14 hours of battery life. In reality we're sceptical but Plantronics claims by smart sleeping you won't have to worry about turning these off. The micro USB charging pouch can even be used to charge your phone - although it's not tested for that specifically.

And thanks to Bluetooth you shouldn't have to worry about these draining your mobile either. Range is excellent with no distortion even in the radio signal madhouse that is IFA.


As you'd imagine these are comfortable while remaining sleek and less-than-obvious. We jumped up and down to simulate running and they hung in there well. It's surprising how light they actually are.

The volume, in spite of size, was impressive and offered more than enough even in the din of IFA. The top end was clear while the bass was plentiful, which really surprised us. Whether or not the battery lasts as well with full volume going all the time remains to be seen, but it appears to handle it well.

The in-line controls are useful but, if we had to criticise, the buttons could be a little larger or more well defined so as to offer quicker access. But generally we wouldn't complain - this are very impressive wireless buds.

Writing by Luke Edwards.