Xbox One is on the horizon. So too are official Microsoft-licensed gaming headsets from Turtle Beach - the XO Four and XO Seven - which come dressed up in classic Xbox black and green for that official Xbox One design style. It's tasty stuff that we ate up at the 2013 E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles, California, when we got our hands and ears on these forthcoming official over-ear headsets.

With so many multiplayer games incoming, and with the cloud due to play a significant role in the future of gaming, open stream communications will become more and more important to console gamers.

If you play for a long time then a headset might be one of those essential purchases - even if it's not something you've thought about before. With initial price points of $99 (£63) for the XO Four and $149 for the XO Seven, Turtle Beach has gone in hard to ensure that its price points are accessible. Cheap? No, but then the products reflect that in their build quality - and we're not talking Ear Force X12 kind of level here. New console, new standard.


Both units are wired stereo headsets and include removable microphones. The XO Four is a brand new design, while the XO Seven is based around the chassis of the XP Seven which Turtle Beach is using for plenty of other limited-edition branded headsets, such as the Call Of Duty: Ghosts line.

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We spent most of our time with the bulkier XO Seven which sounded great and rested comfortably over the ears. It includes soft cushioned ear cups with removable exterior speaker plates and has a premium leather band. There's plenty here for the $149 price and it shows.


The XO Four is smaller and has a firmer headband, but it's still more than comfy enough in use.

We're excited about Xbox One and it already looks like it will be possible to kit out the console with plenty of branded, colour-matched accessories such as either of these Turtle Beach over-ears. Best get saving!