Call Of Duty: Ghosts is on the horizon for its next-gen launch this year. But what's the ultimate multiplater game going to be like without the ultimate headset to chat to your friends (or, indeed, foes)?

Fortunately Turtle Beach has got your back. The headset company is set to launch three COD: Ghosts branded headsets to coincide with the game's launch. We got to handle the "Spectre" model from the series which is based upon the new Turtle Beach XP Seven chassis. There are also the lower-grade Shadow (based on XP22 chassis) and top-spec (XP 510 chassis equivalent) Phantom models which are not pictured here.


The wired Spectre headset is finished in white and, to our eyes, looks a lot cooler than the standard XP Seven chassis. The iconic Ghosts skull emblem is on the exterior of both earcups - which are removable for interchangability with others - and we reckon they look top notch.

But it's not just about the looks, folks, it's about the feel and the sound. Slip the Spectres on over the lugs and the outside world all but vanishes. Ideal for immersing into the game.

The important parts are super squishy to the touch and extra comfortable - we could imagine wearing these for hours at a time no problems. The only likely discomfort will be the persistent, ringing gunfire from the game itself and the fact that the Spectre is super loud - just how we like it. Of course we didn't have hours to spare while rushing around the E3 gaming expo floor in Los Angeles, California, but these headsets certainly caught our eye.


The Ghosts Spectre's adjustable microphone manipulates with ease into almost any given shape too. But you won't have time to feel like a practising balloon artist as you'll be too busy blasting the bad guys on screen - and having such a faff-free adjustment design frees up every spare micro second to focus on the action. Perfect.

There's no final word on pricing as things stand, but we anticipate that even with a more premium price than the XP Seven for these Ghosts branded versions that the Spectre will be under £300. Sounds like a lot of cash, but believe us these look, sound and feel just like other premium headphones do, so why not treat yourself?