We got our headphone-loving hands on a pair of House of Marley's Buffalo Soldier on-ear cans when out in the heart of America at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013. Some things are just meant to be. 

House of Marley's ethos is all about using recycled materials to produce sustainable yet attractive products. The Buffalo Soldier headphones are made of aluminium, covered in recycled material that gives the cans an individual look, yet the design is subtle - the dark material is punctuated only by a red patch with the Marley logo on.

The 40mm dynamic drivers are a decent size that cups the ears well but, as can be seen in our photos, they're not monstrously large - unlike those from some other headphone makers.

Soft leather is used in the padded earcups and they felt really comfy over the head, while the exterior FSC-certified wood on the earcups doesn't diminish the sound, it simply adds to the overall look.

Woy yoy yoy yoy. We like.